What is the legal age for gambling? You must be 21 or over to drink or gamble. Those under 21 can walk through the casino, but they cannot stand around the gaming areas, even if accompanied by an adult.

How old do you need to be to book a room in Las Vegas? Most Vegas hotels require a person to be 21 or over to book a room. However, the other guests staying can be any age. There are some exceptions, such as if you are staying at a hotel that does not have a casino which may allow a person 18 years or older to book a room (check with the hotel first). The Golden Nugget is one of the few major casinos that allow guests to be only 18+ and book a room.

Are masks required in Las Vegas? The current guidelines throughout Las Vegas no longer require masks. This means masks are optional at the airport, busses, monorail, hotels, shows, restaurants, clubs, and attractions. However, businesses can still require them.

Can I go into a casino if I’m not staying there?  Yes. You are encouraged to explore all the casinos at any time. Feel free to also take advantage of other casino’s free parking and valet services if they are offered. Casinos really want you to visit them.

What are the drinking laws in Las Vegas? You must be 21 or over to drink. Drinks are served and can be purchased 24 hours a day. Unlike most other cities, in Vegas you are allowed to drink in the street and have an open container. However, drunk driving is highly enforced and you will get a DUI if stopped by police. In addition, a server may choose not to serve you if they feel you have had too much to drink. Have fun, but be sure to drink responsibly. Stay safe!

Are children permitted in the hotels and hotel shows? Those under 21 can walk through the casino, but they cannot stand around the gaming areas. Some hotels, like Bellagio are even more strict and won’t allow anyone under 18 in unless they are a guest and accompanied by an adult. Please check with each casino property for their policy regarding children. Some hotels are more kid friendly and will provide things such as arcades, babysitting, etc. Visitors often do not know this, but the Las Vegas Strip has a strict curfew. Children under 18 are not allowed to be out after 9 PM or 10 PM (depending on location) unless accompanied by a parent or guardian. See our Vegas for Kids guide for more info.

Many shows are suitable for children, but some have adult content and will not allow children. There has been a recent trend in Las Vegas to bring back more of the sin in “sin city,” so stay informed. Our attraction guide has a list of many things to do for kids of all ages.

Are pets permitted on the Strip or in the hotels? The larger resorts do not generally allow pets. The exception to that rule is if you gamble large amounts of money, you may be able to bring in your pet hippo (check first before you go). However, some hotels will allow pets. They include Bellagio, Mirage, Harrah’s, Paris Las Vegas, Trump Las Vegas, Vdara, Delano, The Four Seasons, LINQ, Horseshoe Las Vegas, Golden Nugget, Flamingo, Cosmopolitan, Caesars Palace, and others. There are restrictions and many that accept them only take one or two small pets, so check with the hotel first. See our Vegas and Pets guide for more info.

What type of transportation is available when I get to Las Vegas? Most people use taxi cabs which are available at any time by waiting in front of a hotel. Look for the often long taxi waiting lines. You will need to take a taxi to get to your hotel from the airport. However, your own feet will be how you are most likely to get around once you get to your hotel. The strip is very compact, so you will often find that you can get to your destination by taking a 15 to 30 minute walk. Also, part of the fun of Las Vegas is exploring new things…there will be plenty to see when you get there almost anywhere on the strip. Walking is one of the best ways to explore Las Vegas. There is also bus service that covers the Las Vegas strip and downtown area. The busses run often and are a good source of transportation. A newer form of transportation is the Las Vegas monorail and trams. They link eight major Las Vegas resorts and nine convention facilities, including the Las Vegas Convention Center. See our strip map for more info. 

How can I get a good deal on hotel prices? The key to getting a good deal in Vegas is to book during the Las Vegas off-season. Avoid convention dates whenever possible. Book online for the best rates. Calling by phone can sometimes get better rates if the hotel has last minute unsold rooms. Check with the hotel websites and shop around with all the major sites, including the one you are on now (Las Vegas Direct).  Another big way to save is to go during weekdays. Friday and Saturday nights are always priced the highest. See our discount booking guide.

What entertainment is playing at the casinos? Las Vegas is easily the Entertainment Capital of World with world-class shows playing all the time. See our show tickets section for a list of the best ones. There are also great Vegas attractions.

What conventions are scheduled? See the convention guide website for a listing of current conventions.

Can you suggest what to do for a bachelor or bachelorette celebration? Vegas is great place for a bachelor or bachelorette celebration. With 24 hour clubs, bars, dining, strip clubs, and adult entertainment, there is no shortage of things to do. See our Vegas for singles guide.

What is there to do in Las Vegas if you do not gamble? There are a ton of attractions in Vegas which include hiking, clubs, pools, world-class dining / buffets, shows, art galleries / museums, and much more. Many people visit Vegas without ever planning to gamble these days.

What are the closest hotels to the Las Vegas Convention Center? Nearby hotels include Courtyard by Marriott, Westgate Las Vegas, Royal Resorts, Renaissance, Las Vegas Marriott, Circus Circus, Encore, SLS, Wynn, Palazzo, Trump Las Vegas, Venetian, and Treasure Island. However, with a very convenient monorail system that stops at the convention center, you can also just stay near one of the many stops. See our hotel map for an overview.

Where can I park in Las Vegas and what is the cost? Many hotels now charge for parking. However, parking is normally free for the first hour and a lot still have free parking. See our Vegas hotel parking guide for details.

Is Las Vegas open all year? Yes, but some shows may be dark during the winter months. This also applies to swimming pools that are often closed in the winter.

Where can I go shopping? Many of the hotels have great shopping, like the The Forum Shops at Caesars, The Shops at Crystals in City Center, and stores in Wynn Las Vegas. You also have huge outlet malls for discount shopping. See our shopping guide for more info.

Is it safe in Las Vegas? Las Vegas is like any other city. The major hotels are considered safe, but you should be careful when wandering off the main Las Vegas strip in sections that don’t have a lot of people. See our safety tips guide for tips on staying safe.

Can I used the pool at other hotels? Most hotels are now restricting access to hotel guests. However, you pay a fee at some properties to use their pool. Another option is to rent a cabana, or pay admission to a dayclub pool party.

Is Las Vegas handicap accessible? Most of the major hotels are handicap accessible, but you should always check first.

What are some great restaurants in Las Vegas? Vegas has some of the best dining in the world, including Michelin star restaurants, like Guy Savoy and amazing buffets (we suggest Bacchanal Buffet at Caesars Palace). See our restaurant and  buffet guide.

What can we do to entertain children in Las Vegas? Hotels like Circus Circus, Excalibur, and Mandalay Bay have a lot of great entertainment for kids. See our Vegas Kids Guide for details.

Who has babysitting services? You can find them by asking the hotel. Many third-party agencies are available, but you should always use a trusted reference, like asking the hotel front desk. Nannies and Housekeepers U.S.A offers room babysitting services 24 hours per day and they are trusted by a lot of large Vegas hotels. Visit our Vegas Kids section for more information.

How can I get the freebies I hear about from the casinos? Each casino has its own promotional program and qualifications for providing freebies, or comps as they are known here. Visit the promotions booth in the casino of your choice. They will be able to assist you. You usually need to gamble enough to get them and use a players card every time you play so they can track your progress. Things like a free buffet are relatively easy to get, but larger comps, like free room stays are much more difficult and require being a very big gambler.

How should I dress in Las Vegas? Las Vegas is a very casual place, but you need to be more dressy for certain clubs and shows. It can get cold in the winter or at night, but also warm in the hotels, so dressing in layers is a good idea. See our Dressing Guide.

How much should I tip? Tip about $1 per drink to waitresses and $1-$3 per bag for bellhops. When you are gambling, around $5 per hour is a good amount for your hardworking dealer. See our Tipping Guide.

What is the weather like? Vegas is a desert, so expect extremes in weather. Expect temperatures well above 100 (F) in the Summer months. It can even snow at times in the winter and get down to the low 30’s, so come prepared. Fortunately, almost all the hotels have excellent heating and air conditioning, so you won’t notice the weather, or even the time of day, inside of them. See our Weather Guide.

How do I find a good club? You will know a good club when you see one with long lines to get in and a happening vibe to it. See our Club Guide.

Is prostitution legal in Vegas? Prostitution is not legal in Las Vegas. However, there are legal brothels, but those are outside of Vegas.

Can I use a cell phone in a casino? You are allowed to use a cell phones. However, you can’t use one while playing any table games, like blackjack or craps.

Do Vegas hotels have free internet / WiFi? Most hotels offer free hotel room WiFi and include it as part of their resort fee. Just about all hotels have free WiFi in their main lobby.

How can I get directions and a street map of Las Vegas? Most hotels will have them available. Just ask the front desk. You can also get them at the Las Vegas airport. See our interactive Vegas Hotel Map.

What transportation is available to travel to Las Vegas?
Air – McCarran International Airport is the primary airport serving Vegas. If you live near an airport serviced by Southwest Air, we recommend them for their very competitive pricing and excellent service, but there are many other good airlines you can choose with flights from your city. Some people choose to fly into Los Angeles International (LAX), rent a car, and drive the five hours to Las Vegas. You can also have a great time visiting Los Angeles. Sample flying times to Las Vegas are: from New York, 5 hours; from Dallas, 2 hours; from Chicago, 4 hours; from Los Angeles, 1 hour; from San Francisco, 1 hours; from London, 11 hours; from Sydney, 18 hours. Booking a vacation package is a good option to save money on the airfare and hotel.

Car – About half the visitors come to Vegas by car. The main highway is I-15. If you’re going on a weekend, expect very heavy traffic. Long weekends and holidays are even worse. With moderate traffic, one can drive to Las Vegas from Los Angeles in about 4-5 hours. Most visitors leave L.A. between Friday morning and very late Friday night, but everyone heads back to L.A. between noon and 8 p.m. on Sunday. The trip to L.A. is almost always slower than the trip to Vegas. If you can take Monday off and travel then, you’ll be traffic free. Many people choose to rent a car for their trip in order to save wear and tear on their vehicle. It may also make the ride more comfortable depending on the car you choose.

BusGreyhound offers bus service in and out of Las Vegas. The bus terminal is in downtown Las Vegas. Reservations are not accepted and seating is on a first-come, first-served basis. Greyhound now offers free WiFi and power outlets for your devices. Busses out of Los Angeles leave about every 2 hours. If you go during off times, bus tickets out of L.A. can be around $10-$20 each way, so it can be very economical. You should plan to get there at least 30 minutes early, and an hour early on busy weekends to ensure you get a seat.  

Limo – If you want to really live it up and can afford it, one can arrange to have a limo pick you up at your house and drive you to your hotel in Las Vegas. If you go with a large enough group and share the cost of the limo ride, the cost may not be as much as you think and can be comparable to going by air on a per-person basis.

Train – There have been many attempts at getting train service to Vegas, but for various reasons, it is just in the planning stages now.

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