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Las Vegas Strip Hotel Map

Use our Vegas maps to find the best location for your stay on the main Las Vegas Strip and Downtown Vegas. The map includes monorail stops and free tram stop locations along the Vegas Strip.

Las Vegas Strip Interactive Hotel Map.
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Las Vegas Strip Hotel Map

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Downtown Las Vegas Hotel Map

Downtown Vegas is located about 3 Miles North of Strip. It used to be the place for budget “Classic Vegas” hotels, but is now becoming a lot more popular and trending with many newer hotels and attractions.

Downtown Las Vegas Interactive Hotel Map.
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Downtown Las Vegas Hotel and Attractions Map

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Vegas Strip Walking Map

Vegas Strip Hotel Walking Times

The Las Vegas strip is about 4.2 miles (6.8 km) long. You can walk it in about 90 minutes (45 minutes if you walk fast), but plan on it taking 2+ hours to give you time to enjoy the amazing sights.

Use our walking distance tool below for approximate walking times between hotels.  

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