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There has been a lot of buzz about the Moon Resort, which has an out of this world concept that is making waves in the Las Vegas scene. The resort will be the largest single structure ever built, with a price tag of over $5 billion. It will feature a hotel, casino, spa, and other amenities.

In this article, we will delve into everything we know about The Moon Resort, from its extravagant amenities to its breathtaking location, offering readers an exclusive glimpse into what promises to be an unforgettable luxury experience.

Who’s Building Moon?

Moon World Resorts Inc. is a Canadian-based company that is responsible for the development of the Moon Resort. Along with the Las Vegas location, the company has ambitious plans to create three more moon-based properties in China, Spain, and United Arab Emirates. With its innovative and visionary approach, Moon World Resorts Inc. aims to redefine luxury hospitality and create a more affordable alternative to experience lunar travel.

Where Will Moon Be Located? 

Finished Project Concept Art – Courtesy of Moon World Resorts Inc.

Current plans of where Moon will be located is on the northern end of the strip next to Fashion Show Mall and across from Wynn Las Vegas. The projected property is currently owned by Wynn, and there’s no word currently on whether or not a deal is being made between the companies to start the building process.

The Resort Wasn’t Originally Planned For Las Vegas

Indio, California

A fact that may surprise many people is that Moon’s U.S. location was not originally planned to be located in Las Vegas, the original location was slated to be Indio, California near the Coachella fairgrounds. 

However, due to the sheer size of the project, Moon decided to move the location to Las Vegas. This shift allows Moon to take advantage of the existing tourist industry and resources that Las Vegas provides.

Tied For The Tallest Property in Las Vegas

Concept Sketch of Moon Nightclub – Courtesy of Moon World Resorts Inc.

Moon is expected to be one of Las Vegas’ biggest resorts at completion, with a height of 735 feet, approximately the same as the newly opened Fontainebleau Las Vegas. In addition to its staggering height, the resort also plans to measure at 650 feet wide. 

Taking advantage of this vast space, Moon plans to build 4,000 guest rooms, a 75,000-square-foot spa, and a nightclub that will transport you to the bottom of a spaceship with its music and spectacular lighting. 

Plans call for over 275,000 square feet of entertainment space

Convention Center Concept Art – Courtesy of Moon World Resorts Inc.

While there are no confirmed details of what restaurants and retailers are going to be located at Moon, there are plans for there to be a huge variety of stores and restaurants in 125,000 square feet for visitors to choose from. The development will also include a convention center, an amphitheater, and a casino. However, that is just the beginning of highlights planned for Moon. 

Plans For an “Active Lunar Colony” 

Moon Shuttle Concept Sketch – Courtesy of Moon World Resorts Inc.

One of the biggest highlights of Moon is their plans for an active lunar colony experience. While real space travel has a hefty price tag of at least $250,000, Moon’s Active Lunar Colony will cost a much more reasonable $500. 

This 90-minute experience will take you up to the top of the resort in a shuttle that circles the hotel, giving you an incredible view of the strip. Once you’ve arrived at the top of the hotel, your surroundings mimic the surface of the moon and the technology many companies like NASA have implemented. 

There are ten acres of craters and rock formations that make you feel as if you’re right on the moon in this place, and you’ll be provided with a Moon-Buggy to ride around in.

The Resort Will Take Four Years To Build

While there’s no word on when this exciting new development will break ground, the anticipated timeline of the resort building will be around 4 years. If the project hits ground within the next few months, we could be seeing this revolutionary resort come to Las Vegas by 2028.

Stay Tuned For Updates!

Moon’s resort in Las Vegas promises to be a groundbreaking and unique experience for visitors. With its planned lunar colony, extensive entertainment space, and stunning views, it is set to become a must-visit destination in the coming years. 

While the above is all of the current information we have on the project, new developments are always coming. Follow along with us as we will continue to update what we know about this exciting new resort!