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If you need air travel to Vegas, use one of our recommended sources below to book a discount Vegas vacation package and save big with a bundled deal!

There are two main reasons for the discount. The first is by taking advantage of subsidized rates courtesy of the airlines that are lower than what you would get just booking air-only. The airline industry has become extremely competitive. As a result, many airlines have agreed to pay for part of your hotel stay!

The second reason it saves you money has to do with getting hotel rates below what they allow to be published online. Hotels don’t want their own published rates to look high compared to ones on other sites. It also causes issues with price guarantees.

Everyone wins in this situation. But don’t just take our word for it, try doing an air/hotel search using one of the above sources and see how much you save compared to booking air separately. However, not all hotels will be cheaper with a package, so it is best to still compare separate air and hotel with a vacation package. You can shop and compare to find the best Vegas hotels rates using our discount booking system.