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Pai-Gow is a fascinating and fun game. It’s a favorite here in Vegas for locals and visitors alike because of its focus on strategy and skill. Don’t feel confident yet? We’ve created this free Vegas Pai-Gow practice game so you can become a master before you even land in Vegas.

Pai-Gow is similar to most other poker variations, but you play two hands instead of one. The dealer gives you seven cards. You then pick the five cards you want for the first poker hand. The remaining two cards are the second hand. You play against the dealer for each separate hand using basic poker hand values. Unlike standard poker, you don’t get a chance to draw new cards.

Learn how to arrange your cards into awesome hands and play with strategy in the comfort of your home. Our Pai-Gow practice game is easy to get the hang of, relaxing to play, and super fun. Get started practicing now and prepare for the excitement of winning big in a real Vegas casino. Read up on the rules of Pai-Gow in our Vegas Pai Gow poker guide

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