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Las Vegas for Single Guys
A guide for meeting women and having a great "boys night out trip!"


  • Las Vegas is no longer cheap to stay and eat. The only exception is if you gamble and get comps (see next tip regarding comps). $20 rooms are no longer the norm except for certain times during Christmas and Summer. $200 per night is closer to the average. Don't be too cheap ... a bunch of people staying in one room to save money is no fun and will ruin your trip. You will be spending a lot of time in your room, even if you don't think so before you go to Vegas. You can only be gambling and going out so many hours per day and will need a room you like to crash and recharge for the night and afternoon. Staying in a cheapo room with cracking walls, bad shower, low water pressure, noise, dirt, etc., is just going to start things off in the wrong direction. It can make it difficult to get a good nights rest so you look your best. You want to appear confident and smooth when meeting the ladies. A decent room will help you achieve this and a bad room can just have the opposite effect on your all-important self-image. As a minimum look for a 3 star (4 star or higher is suggested) hotel in a good location, such as the Center Strip.
  • It is not easy to get comped these days. You will need to stay and gamble at the same hotel for almost your entire stay and gamble hundreds or even thousands of dollars. The hotels just don't give things away unless you play a lot and also let them know you are gambling. You may get show tickets with a few hundred in bets, but a free room requires thousand's of dollars per day in gambling. You will be money ahead by just spending your money on a room, nice meal, or entertainment and skipping the gambling to get comps. Of course, gambling for fun is another story.
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  • Harrah's Carnival Court is a great place to meet women.
  • Women drinking non-alcoholic beverages, or hot coffee/tea at night are often "escorts." They won't be drinking alcohol if they are "working," so don't bother trying to hit on them.
  • Low-end clubs are going to give you much better odds of finding girls. It is more fun and not such a scene. It will be tough to get into high-end clubs. You will most likely need to recruit some women to get you into a club or will need to tip the doorman a lot. Light at Bellagio is good. The music is soft enough so you can talk. Try to meet women in the fringes of the clubs where it is more quiet. The main dance area is just for dancing and you can't talk. Unless you just want to dance the night away, skip the dancing.
  • Tip the bartender $10 to start for better service. You will need their attention to get drinks when they are busy.
  • Clubs close around 6a, but don't bother looking for action that late. Even Vegas stops that late. Bill's Gamblin' Hall has a good late night club. You may want to hit the pool the next day to meet women, so sleeping too late will ruin your daytime action.
  • Many of the pools in Vegas are closed during the winter, so you will need to keep that in mind. Also, with a few exceptions you can only stay in the pool of the hotel you are staying at, so make sure to pick a hotel with a good pool if that is important. Hotels with a good singles scene pool are Palms, Rio, Hard Rock, Mirage,  Caesars, Flamingo, and MGM Grand.

  • Flamingo, Bellagio and Caesars are center strip and in a "hot area" near many things you will want to do. If possible, try to book your hotel around them.
  • Hotels are about 1/2 mile apart, so you will need cabs if you are not central to things. You make think you are saving money staying a few miles off the strip, but the cab fare can really add up and make things more expensive than if you just picked a better location.
  • Thanksgiving to Christmas is the cheapest time to stay in Las Vegas. It is also the deadest time, so there is a tradeoff. July and August also have dirt-cheap rates, but you will be frying in 100F weather if you plan on doing much walking. The best weather is weather is March, April, May and June.  January can be cold with below freezing temps at night. Jan. also has a lot of conventions, so you will be paying more even though the weather is bad.
  • The best rates are almost always online. Never take the price of the first rate given when you call a hotel. You will get a better rate if you wait. Best is by booking online with a discount source. Be sure to check several online sources and go with the lowest rate. However, you really need to go with a trusted company that has been around for a while, since there are still bad companies out there if you are not careful... you may never get your confirmation and you will be out the entire cost of the prepaid hotel stay! Another savings tip is to not book too far in advance, since the hotels don't yet know if there is low volume to warrant discounted rates. 1-2 months in advance is a sweet spot to find cheap days. Just search in blocks of 1 week at a time.  Sun-Thurs will give you the best rates. Great deals will come up in the search results for certain dates that are not booked much.
  • Rent a limo and travel the town in style. When shared by enough people the cost is not that much more than if everyone took cabs.
  • Girls are looking to do stuff and meet guys. As a result, it is easier to get women in Vegas than in your hometown. However, the same rules apply and the competition is just as bad or worse, with more aggressive guys and an international playing field of affluent people. Just play it cool and have reasonable expectations. You are still you in Vegas. The most important things is to have fun, which is what will really attract the women.
  • The Vegas monorail runs in the back of the hotels, so walking can be easier than the taking it depending on where you are located. However, it is very useful for getting around from distant locations, like North to South end of the Strip.
  • Taxi cabs cannot be hailed. You cannot only get it at the front of a hotel by waiting in line. The people in the taxi lines don't normally need tips. Also, the cab drivers get kick-backs from the clubs. Stick to where you want to go when in a cab and don't get side-tracked. On a long trip, such as from the airport to your hotel, it is a good idea to ask for the estimated amount of a trip before you get in the taxi, which will keep the cab driver honest in what he charges.  You can also make note of their drive ID number and let them know your paying attention to it.
  • Downtown vs. the Strip. Downtown has good aspects. Great for gambling. Low table minimums. Old school Vegas. Raunchy describes this place... Girls are tougher. Good to spend a day/night during your trip, but don't plan your vacation around it.
  • Clubs like Studio 54, Skybar, etc. are going to be very hard to get in with a group of guys and are very costly in terms of tips if you want any chance of getting into them. The cheap and cheesy clubs and lounges are going to save you money and you will get in faster. The girls are also going to be much easier to approach and you will have more fun. The high-end clubs often have long lines and are empty when you get in. Cheap lounges have girls that are drinking dancing and want to party. The newer ultra lounges (MGM Grand is a good choice) are a great option.
  • You can try going to Downtown Vegas during the day and get phone numbers of girls. These "B" list girls are going to be an option later that night if nothing better comes along. Look for girls with those big drinks. They will be very drunk after finishing one!
  • Caesars has a topless pool with a secret hidden entrance. Don't go with more than 2 guys if you want to see it. Mandalay Bay has one too. However, most of the girls are really not "topless worthy."  Just stick with the Gentlemen's Clubs unless you are into the topless pool scene.
  • Tip your hotel concierge big and you will get lots of help and hookups for shows, dining, etc.
  • NY NY to Stratosphere (South to North end of Strip) is a huge 5 mile walk. It is not easy to do and will make you very tired with worn out feet. This is almost an impossible walk during the hot summer months unless you are into marathons. Have a plan and don't just walk around the Strip. A good map is also suggested. Always have lots of water with you when you walk during the hot months. This is even more true if you plan to drink a lot, since alcohol will dehydrate your body. Heat stroke is no fun.
  • Gentlemen's clubs in Vegas are very accepted and you won't be seen as a "pervert."  Some are much better than others. Spearmint Rhino is one of the best. Get there before 9p if you want a seat on weekends. Strippers in Vegas fly in from all over the country.  The "best of the best" often appear in the clubs. Big conventions get some of the best looking dancers.
  • Do a guys dinner with steaks and drinks. Vegas has many great steakhouses. Have a cigar. Do some shots. Smith and Wollensky,  Charlie Palmer Steak, Delmonico, Craftsteak, Flemings, Palm, Prime at Bellagio, and SW Steakhouse at Wynn are some good choices. The Foundation Room at Mandalay Bay is also a great place to smoke cigars.

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