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Amidst the neon lights and bustling casinos, a world of frozen delights awaits, each scoop promising a moment of pure indulgence. From charming parlors serving up timeless classics to avant-garde creameries pushing the boundaries of flavor, Las Vegas offers a diverse tapestry of ice cream experiences to tantalize every palate. Join us on a flavorful expedition as we unveil our top 10 ice cream shops in Las Vegas, each a testament to the city’s culinary creativity and commitment to sweet satisfaction.

1. Sorry Not Sorry Creamery

Taking the top spot is a locals favorite in Sorry Not Sorry Creamery, which boasts a lineup of tantalizing flavors crafted from years of flavor experimentation and refinement. Founded by Drew Belcher, Kevin Whelan, and Timothy Dang, the creamery offers 16 classic flavors alongside four rotating seasonal varieties, including Brown Sugar Milk Tea with Boba and Campfire S’mores. With a commitment to quality ingredients and in-house baked waffle cones, Sorry Not Sorry invites guests to indulge in a sensory journey that celebrates the art of ice cream. They also earn bonus points for having a variety of non-dairy vegan flavors on the menu including Rocky Road and Strawberry Shortcake. With 3 locations throughout the valley including the downtown/Fremont Street location at We All Scream, be prepared to wait in line when you visit this Instagram and TikTok-worthy ice-cream shop.

Address: 517 Fremont St Suite 150, Las Vegas, NV 89101

2. Salt and Straw

Salt & Straw Ice Cream, a renowned West Coast establishment with a local store approximately a 15 minute drive from the Strip at The Uncommons in the southwest valley, has captured the hearts and palates of ice cream aficionados since its inception in 2011 by cousins Kim & Tyler Malek. Handmade using locally sourced ingredients, their small-batch, chef-driven creations offer a delightful journey through the flavors of artisans, farmers, and food movements such as upcycling. Boasting a unique menu of 12 classic flavors and a monthly rotation that reflects culinary trends and seasonal ingredients, Salt & Straw has become synonymous with innovation and flavor exploration. From the iconic Strawberry Honey Balsamic with Black Pepper to the indulgent Spiced Goat Cheese Pumpkin Pie, each scoop embodies the essence of creativity and craftsmanship. With lines wrapping around the block at their Portland, Oregon location and a coveted outpost in Downtown Disney, Salt & Straw continues to redefine the ice cream experience, even featuring numerous dairy-free vegan flavors.

Address: 6815 Tom Rodriguez St Suite 120, Las Vegas, NV 89113

3. Aubi & Ramsa

The Miami based Aubi & Ramsa is ready to help you get your Vegas party started with their ultra-premium wine and spirit-infused gelatos that are redefining ice cream as we know it. Founded by Suzanne Buenfil and Rafael Ramsa, the brand pioneers unique flavors, marrying top-shelf liquors with natural ingredients. Collaborating with Rafael and Matias Aubi, Aubi & Ramsa introduces guests to a world of indulgence, from the Highland Truffle’s Macallan 12 to the Kentucky Crème Brûlée’s Four Roses Single Barrel Bourbon. With locations at Caesar’s Palace and Resorts World, Aubi & Ramsa invites guests to savor a scoop of sophistication, promising a taste of liquid luxury for those 21 and over.


Nestled in the vibrant Shanghai Plaza in the Chinatown neighborhood a short 5-10 minute drive from the Strip, SOMISOMI offers a delightful twist on Korean desserts with its signature creation, the “Ah-Boong.” This special treat features a fish-shaped waffle cone brimming with tantalizing fillings like Nutella, custard, cheddar, taro, or red bean, sealed to perfection. At SOMISOMI, patrons have the liberty to customize their ah-boong experience, opting for a cup or a standalone waffle cone. The magic doesn’t stop there; visitors can elevate their dessert adventure with a selection of soft serve flavors ranging from milk, matcha, and milk tea to Oreo, ube, and Thai tea. Founded in 2016 by the dynamic duo, Matt and Woori Kim, SOMISOMI has captured the hearts of Los Angelenos and Las Vegas locals alike with its Instagram-worthy creations and playful toppings like fruity pebbles, Oreo crumbs, and mochi.

Address: 4284 Spring Mountain Rd Suite D104, Las Vegas, NV 89102

5. Milk Bar

Situated within The Cosmopolitan Resort and Casino, Milk Bar, conceived by renowned chef and owner Christina Tosi in 2008, is a haven for ice cream enthusiasts seeking playful twists on nostalgic home-style desserts. Boasting 15 other locations in major cities like New York City, Los Angeles, and Toronto, Milk Bar is celebrated for its innovative approach to frozen delights. Unique offerings include alcohol-infused Fancy Shakes like the Cereal Milk White Russian, alongside limited edition menu items and special soft serve flavors. While Milk Bar’s popular ice cream pints grace grocery store shelves nationwide, nothing surpasses the freshness and flavor experienced in person. Whether you’re a local or a visitor to Sin City, Milk Bar promises a whimsical journey through the world of ice cream, where every scoop is a delightful celebration of creativity and nostalgia.

6. Sloan’s Ice Cream

Step into the whimsical wonderland of Sloan’s Ice Cream, where dreams come to life in a swirl of flavors and fantasy! Since 1999, Sloan’s has enchanted hearts with its magical creations, overflowing with unique flavors crafted from the finest ingredients. Nestled within The Venetian Resort and Casino, Sloan’s Vegas location transports visitors into a playfully enchanting paradise, where candy, pastries, and toys abound. Led by CEO and founder Sloan Kamenstein, Sloan’s embraces the vibrancy and eccentricity of Vegas, delivering an experience that’s as colorful and exhilarating as the city itself. Don’t miss out on their outrageous menu, featuring delights like Tracy’s Kitchen Sink, adorned with 12 scoops of ice cream and every topping imaginable, served in a real sink. Whether it’s toys, candy, fudge, or cookies, Sloan’s Ice Cream invites you to savor the magic of “Made in Wonderland” at every delightful turn.

7. Handel’s Homemade Ice Cream

Since its inception in 1945 in Youngstown, OH, Handel’s Homemade Ice Cream has delighted taste buds with over 100 delectable flavors, ensuring there’s something to satisfy every palate. What sets Handel’s apart is its unwavering commitment to freshness — each scoop is lovingly crafted daily in-store, using only the finest ingredients available. Despite its growing franchise operation, Handel’s maintains its dedication to artisanal craftsmanship, ensuring that the handmade touch remains an integral part of every scoop. Also featured on National Geographic’s esteemed 10 Best of Everything list, Handel’s Homemade Ice Cream continues to captivate ice cream enthusiasts across the nation. In the Vegas Valley, Handel’s Homemade Ice Cream boasts three locations with the closest to the Strip being about a 10-15 minute drive and invites locals and visitors alike to indulge in its legendary frozen delights.

Address: 7345 Arroyo Crossing Pkwy, Las Vegas, NV 89113

8. Luv-It Frozen Custard

Luv-It Frozen Custard has been a cherished part of the Las Vegas community since 1973. Specializing in delectable sundaes, they offer a nostalgic taste of authentic frozen custard that has withstood the test of time. The family owned custard shop is on its fourth generation of operators who all have shared a vision to bring the joy of frozen custard to the desert city and its guests. Conveniently located near The Strat Casino, Hotel & Tower, the stand sits on a cozy corner that invites locals and visitors alike to indulge in the irresistible allure of egg-based frozen custards in a variety of flavors including Death by Chocolate, Sin-a-Buns, and Root Beer Float. Whether you crave a classic cone, a creamy malt, or a sumptuous sundae, Luv-It promises an unforgettable treat and nostalgic experience.

Address: 505 E Oakey Blvd, Las Vegas, NV 89104

9. Sticks and Shakes

Sticks and Shakes brings the essence of London’s milkshake-bar craze to Las Vegas, with three locations including the flagship at Fashion Show Mall on the north side of the Strip. Offering over 100 milkshake options, patrons can choose from candies, biscuits, chocolates, fruits, and more for a personalized treat. Gelato and sorbet, made from a traditional Italian recipe using the finest ingredients, delight the taste buds with their delicious flavors. Additionally, freshly baked cheesecake on a stick, warm churros, hot donuts, and chocolate-dipped bananas add to the indulgent offerings. Whether craving a classic milkshake or an adventurous blend, Sticks and Shakes invites guests to explore a world of edible expression and delight in every spoonful or sip.

10. Frost N’ Roll

At Frost N’ Roll, freshly made rolled ice cream delights guests with customized creations tailored to individual tastes. From specially crafted ice cream bases to a plethora of toppings, every aspect is carefully curated to perfection, right before your eyes. Located just 10 minutes from the Strip, Frost N’ Roll offers a unique twist on traditional ice cream. Unlike regular scooped ice cream, their rolled ice cream is crafted on a frozen pan, ensuring a distinct texture and flavor experience. As each creation is meticulously prepared, you will savor the anticipation and delight in every bite of your custom-made treat. Indulge in a frozen delight that’s as unique as it is delicious at Frost N’ Roll.

Address: 2605 S Decatur Blvd Suite 101, Las Vegas, NV 89102

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