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Las Vegas shows can be expensive, but they are definitely worth seeing. Here are some great tips to help you score cheap tickets.

1.) Last Minute Tickets
Arrive at the show of your choice about 2 hours in advance. At the box office you can see if they have any discounted, or sometimes even free, last-minute tickets. This works best if you just need 1 or 2 seats, or don’t mind sitting in separate seats. You can often get excellent seats for a fraction of the cost of a regular show. However, you also risk not getting any tickets, since popular shows can sell out fast. Last minute tickets often come from “no-shows,” so they can be really great seats as well, but there may be some poorly located available seats that don’t sell well. Come prepared understanding the seating layout and with some backup shows if you can’t get tickets.

2.) Reserving Tickets
As a start, we suggest checking with the hotel website where the show is being performed to get show ticket prices. Just look for their show tickets section. However, don’t assume the hotel has the cheapest tickets. Third-party ticket sellers are able to buy large numbers of wholesale tickets from the hotel or show company and sell them for less than the hotel can offer. While reducing profits, it guarantees the hotel can sell most of their seats for a show. This website, Las Vegas Direct offers discount Vegas show tickets from many trusted providers, so we can often show you better prices for the same show and times. Just do your homework and shop around for the best rate.

Shows Under $50
We provide a selection of good shows that are normally under $50 a ticket. Some of the shows are even under $20 for high-quality entertainment. The shows are entertaining and include names you probably know, but don’t expect to see things like Cirque Du Soleil in that category.

Be careful when using any unfamiliar booking source you find online, since there are a lot of ticket scams. Major discount ticket sources we trust and have used for many years include Vegas.com and Viator. A good source for resale tickets when you can’t get the seats you want is StubHub. They are the largest and most trusted site for getting second hand tickets.

3.) Get Tickets Early
You should get tickets as early as possible. Vegas shows are always very popular, so finding tickets at a fair price is often a challenge. If you are flexible in your dates, pick different days/times and you will often get a much better price. Early shows tend to be easier to get than later ones and have lower rates. In general, Sunday-Thursday will be cheaper with more availability, since things are less busy. Be sure to check the show schedules, since many shows are dark on certain weekdays, or various times of the year, such as holidays. Make sure to choose wisely, since most show tickets are not refundable.

4.) Half Price Tickets.
There are stores in Las Vegas that specialize in selling discount show tickets offered on the same day of the performance. One is called Tix 4 Tonight. The stores are located at several kiosks all around the Strip including Showcase Mall, Casino Royale, and Grand Bazaar at Horseshoe (Bally’s) Las Vegas. You can often get very good deals, but the selection and seating can be limited. The hours are from 11am-7pm and you can also call to reserve tickets see their website for details. In general, you will usually not find major production shows, like Cirque, but there are lots of other great shows offered.

5.) Free Tickets
Show tickets are one of the few things in Las Vegas that are not that hard getting for free, but it really depends on the show. Some, like the circus acts at Circus Circus are free all the time.

“Gambling Comps”
If you gamble enough, hotels may comp you with free show tickets. The process is probably a lot easier than you think. Even playing slot machines for a few hours may qualify you for tickets at a smaller show. A good way to get comps is to just signup for a Players Card available at almost all the casinos, such as MGM Resorts, or Caesars Entertainment. It is free to get one and will help make sure your hard-earned playing is tracked and rewarded with comps.

Timeshare Presentations
Another way to see free shows is to signup for a timeshare presentation. The tickets are real and compensation for your time listening to a 2-3 hour presentation. You may dread it as you are listening to the long often boring event, but getting real free show tickets makes it worth doing, and you might even benefit from the presentation. The places pushing these free show tickets are at most hotels and hard to miss. We would suggest only getting them from people at a trusted location, like inside a hotel at a designated area. There are lots of scams with people offering fake tickets on the street, so be careful! You should never have to pay any money or purchase anything for them.

Become a Seat Filler
While usually reserved for Vegas locals, there is sometimes a need to fill empty seats at a show. The show producers might feel a larger audience will make a better experience for the audience, such as for a comedy or hypnosis show that often rely on audience participation. See our guide to getting everything for free in Vegas for more details.

6.) Discounted Tickets on the Street
If you see people selling discounted tickets on the street or in a questionable location, stay clear, since it is likely to be a scam, and you will have worthless tickets. If it seems to good to be true, it probably is…

Featured Shows Under $50

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