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Imagine seeing all of the queens of music in one night on the same stage. The Diva Royale brings your fantasy to life in proper drag fashion. Live at the Robin Leach Lounge, Notoriety recreates your favorite singers with drag queens who’ve nailed down the looks, style, and give off plenty of diva energy around the entire room.

Each set features fancy outfits, divalicious moves, and singing from queens performing hits by popular artists of today, like Beyonce, Adele, Rihanna, and Nicki Minaj, and even a few blasts from the past like Dolly Parton, Celine Dion, and Whitney Houston. You’ll sing along to their top hits while the ladies parade around the room, keeping everyone entertained. And don’t be shy if you’re lucky enough to get brought up on stage. So bring a few singles and get ready to have a fun night to remember.

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