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Axehole Vegas Ticket Offers
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Let out your best battle cry as you hurl an axe toward the bullseye. Axehole Vegas lets you live out your Viking fantasy with live axe-throwing action designed for fun or relieving stress after a tough day at the poker table!

First, put on your Viking horns to awaken your inner warrior. Next, pick your weapon—an axe or spear. Then, choose your throwing style—a one-arm throw or a two-hand power toss—whichever gives you the best chance at hitting the target. However, don’t be an ‘axehole’ if you’re off the mark because you’ll have an entire hour to perfect your throwing technique.

Axehole is a safe game that even welcomes kids as young as age 7 to participate. It’s open daily and located in Downtown Las Vegas on Fremont Street.

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