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Turn back the clocks to a prehistoric age when dinosaurs roamed the earth. But this isn’t just a science fiction tale because the Dino Safari brings these giants back to life in an interactive exhibition at the Horseshoe Las Vegas.

Thanks to technology, dinosaurs come back to life in a new way. The exhibit features more than 30 animatronic dinosaurs in staged scenes from Pangea, including life-sized versions of the T-Rex and Spinosaurus. These dinos roar, move, and may even pop out of the bushes, so keep your eyes peeled! Kids will love the exhibit’s interactive features, like an augmented reality sand pit to create their own dinosaur world. They can even customize the virtual sand pit it to walk amongst giant creatures. In addition to fun, it’s also educational, with displays to learn about dinosaurs. You’ll even get to see a real-life fossil up-close from over 67 million years ago!

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