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The pyramid-shaped Luxor Resort isn’t just another gimmick on the Las Vegas strip. It’s time to dig up the secrets hidden inside at the Discovering King Tut’s Tomb attraction. This exhibition transports you halfway around the world to ancient Egypt to see one of the world’s greatest discoveries.

Step into the shoes of archaeologist Howard Carter who uncovered the tomb in 1922 in an event rumored to have released the mummy’s curse. The immersive exhibition walk-through displays the iconic Death Mask, golden artifacts gifted to the fallen pharaoh for the afterlife, a gilded chariot, and more. You’ll learn about the excavation and the history of Egypt’s most iconic pharaoh while trying to decipher the hieroglyphics written on the walls.

An audio guide is available to hear the experience narrated by Carter. The exhibition is open daily, and plan for approximately an hour to see everything.

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