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The award-winning Kevin Lepine uses his hypnosis skills to create one of the most exciting shows ever to play in Las Vegas. Watch as your fellow audience members fall under his hypnosis to do everything he says.

Hypnosis Unleashed starts as a one-man show with Kevin Lepine, but he invites a group of audience members to the stage to prove his unexplainable hypnosis powers that will have you laughing out of your seat. Watch in awe as he puts each member to sleep, only to awaken to do some wacky things like dancing, singing, and laughing at imaginary things.

Kevin Lepine thrives off of audience participation, and there is plenty of energy in the house to make every show exciting. It’s hard not to be impressed by his entertaining act and hypnosis commands.

You can catch Hypnosis Unleashed at 9pm, Tues-Sat, at the Canyon Club inside the 4 Queens hotel located in Downtown Las Vegas. All ages are welcome to join in on the fun.

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