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Nestled about an hour outside of downtown Las Vegas, the Valley of Fire State Park is one of the most visited tourist destinations in Nevada. It might be the closest thing to visiting another planet in person. Not only is it a favorite among tourists, but locals frequent this state park as well to take in the amazing scenic landscape. Although some may be familiar with the Valley of Fire, locals and tourists alike may not know all the beauty it has to offer.

Valley of Fire State Park by Mitch Kersey

To know what the Valley of Fire has to offer, you first need to understand how to get there. Lucky for everyone, it’s fairly easy to do. If you’re heading out from Las Vegas, take the I-15 Northbound and follow it for about thirty minutes. From there, take exit 75 and merge onto the Valley of Fire Highway and follow that for twenty-or-so minutes until you’re there! You repeat the same process if you’re heading in from Utah as well, except you’d take the I-15 Southbound.

Valley of Fire State Park by Mitch Kersey

Once you arrive, be sure to take in the stunning sandstone outcrops that are nestled in 40,000 acres of bright tan and grey limestone Aztec mountains where you will find artifacts, like 2,000 year old petrified trees and ancient stone art etchings called petroglyphs. The Valley of Fire got its name from shifting reddish colored rock formations that happened over 150 million years ago when dinosaurs were roaming the area (Jurassic Period). You will see rocks that resemble familiar things, like a beehive and even a rock that looks like a giant elephant!

Valley Of Fire Elephants Trunk
Valley of Fire Elephant Rock

Take plenty of pictures and stop by the visitor center to learn more about the geology and ecology of this state park as well. If you coordinate your trip correctly, you might have the chance to attend the Annual Atlatl Competition. A competition in which participants put their skills on display using ancient replica spears.

Now this isn’t a park only for sightseeing. It offers great hiking just outside of Las Vegas! With plenty of trails to choose from ranging from easy to difficult, you’ll definitely find the right one for you. If you’re looking for more of a guided tour, you can explore some from our recommended Valley of Fire tours.

For instance, say you were staying on the Las Vegas Strip the night before and wanted to fly over the Valley of Fire for a grand arial tour. You could book a helicopter tour that starts from your hotel with and lands at the Valley of Fire at sunset, followed by a champagne toast. You could even book your dream Valley of Fire wedding!

Valley Of Fire Sunset
Valley of Fire Sunset

Valley of Fire State Park by Mitch Kersey

For our more avid hikers and thrill seekers, you won’t find a better place to play in the desert than Valley of Fire. From intense hikes to ATV trails, Valley of Fire has everything to offer. It’s as simple as choosing the activity you wish to experience, whether it be a private Valley of Fire hiking tour and sightseeing adventure. Or driving a buggy through the amazing red rock formations, Valley of Fire has virtually endless options.

The Valley of Fire is a destination everyone should have on their bucket list, from hikers to off-road enthusiasts and romantics. Considering it’s close proximity to Las Vegas, it’s an ideal location for tourists as well and won’t take up much of your day.

Rest assured, a quick trip to see some of the most beautiful landscapes you could imagine will be well worth the drive.

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