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Ready to laugh your a** off? Las Vegas is home to some of the world’s funniest comedians, from household names to up-and-coming talent. Whether you like physical comedy, absurdity, or down-right crude humor, there’s a comedy show in this city that everyone will love. We’ve put together this list of our absolute favorite comedy shows you’ve got to see while you’re visiting Las Vegas.

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1. Carrot Top

We all know his name: Carrot Top. But many people don’t quite know how we feel about the ginger-haired comedian. His side-splitting show at the Luxor will make you laugh so hard you’ll be a fan for life. This is the longest running comedy act in Las Vegas for a reason.

The award-winning comedian keeps the laughs coming at lightning speed in this high-energy comedy show, with a combination of observational humor and prop-based gags. Carrot Top describes his sense of humor as “dark” and “sick”, so get ready to get outside your comfort zone.

Carrot Top from $53

2. Piff the Magic Dragon

The guy in the dragon suit and his adorable Chihuahua have taken the world by storm. You may have seen him on America’s Got Talent, performing his special brand of comedy magic that had audiences in uncontrollable laughter.

Piff the Magic Dragon has become a Vegas favorite thanks to the award-winning comedian’s dry humor and Mr. Piffles, the world’s only Chihuahua magician. Legendary magician David Copperfield says, quite simply, “Piff is the best. A true original.” Catch this delightful duo at the Flamingo.

Piff the Magic Dragon show from $39

3. Lioz Show – “This Is Not Comedy”

Lioz has mastered the incredible art of telekinesis. His stunning feats will blow you away… although maybe not for the reasons this fabulously funny magician would want. His illusions are not as real as they’re cracked up to be – in fact, they’re hilariously fake. He started out wowing the difficult-to-please Simon Cowell, and now you can see this uproariously funny magician-comedian at Horseshoe Las Vegas.

Lioz Show is performed with a completely straight face all the way through, making the inside joke increasingly funny as the night goes on. Elaborate set-ups and music numbers add to the entertainment, and audience participation makes every show one-of-a-kind.

LIOZ Show from $24

4. Tape Face

This laugh-out-loud funny show at Harrah’s Las Vegas stars a very unusual character: Tape Face, a whimsical fellow who can’t speak because of his mouth is taped shut. The silent factor in this show brings out the physical humor, as Tape Face uses facial expressions, props, and absurd scenarios to delight audiences.

You may have seen Tape Face’s appearance as a finalist in America’s Got Talent, when Simon Cowell exclaimed “a star is born!” This unique comedy show is family-friendly, and because of its lack of language it appeals to audience members of all backgrounds.

Tape Face from $49

5. Menopause the Musical

The longest-running musical in Las Vegas of all time is not quite what you’d expect it to be. Menopause the Musical combines the genres of comedy and musical to create a fabulous show that opens up conversation about a largely unspoken time in every woman’s life.

Laughter is a great way to break through taboos, and this upbeat comedy show at Harrah’s Las Vegas gets the audience laughing in recognition and sisterhood. Insightful yet hilarious discussions are paired with classic baby boomer songs, making Menopause the Musical a real hit.

Menopause The Musical from $52

6. Potted Potter

This totally unauthorized parody of the Harry Potter series is hysterically funny for diehard Potter fans and newcomers alike. Potted Potter takes every single Harry Potter book and condenses it in an uproariously frantic rush to fit into one 70 minute show.

Performing at Horseshoe Las Vegas, the genius show has received praise from The New York Times, Boston Globe, Time Out London, and more. Featuring crazy costumes, silly songs, and super-creative use of props, you’ll get to see all your favorite Harry Potter characters in this comedy extravaganza.

Potted Potter from $49

7. Marc Savard Comedy Hypnosis

Master hypnotist Marc Savard’s talent is no joke, but he uses it in the name of a good laugh in this side-splitting comedy show. Marc Savard Comedy Hypnosis takes random volunteers from the audience and puts them in a state of deep relaxation. Next thing you know, these guests are enacting outrageously funny scenarios on stage. Think Riverdancing, and acting like chickens, with full belief in what they’re doing!

Performing at Planet Hollywood, this amazing show is as fascinating to watch as it is hilarious. The real stars of the show are the volunteers, so every show is completely different from the last.

8. Jew Man Group

This hilarious tribute to the most famous Jews in showbusiness is performed at the Copa Room at Tuscany Suites by a group of 3 Jewish men in their best kippah and sharpest suits. Jew Man Group (not to be confused with Blue Man Group!!) is an adults-only comedy show that will have you roaring with laughter.

Irreverently poking fun at Jewish superstars like Adam Sandler, Jerry Seinfeld, Mel Brooks and more, the Jew Man Group features talented impersonations and musical numbers. The style of comedy isn’t for everyone – it harks back to the good old days before political correctness made it taboo to joke about religion.

Jew Man Group from $54

9. Mike Hammer Comedy Magic

Criss Angel calls this show the “Funniest Magic Show in Vegas”. Comedian and magician Mike Hammer combines fast-witted humor and stunning illusions to wow audiences and have them rolling in laughter.

Performing at Four Queens Hotel and Casino in Downtown Las Vegas, this show has a ton of audience participation, making every show different from the last. Mike Hammer’s sharp wit and charisma will have you entertained from beginning to end.

Mike Hammer Comedy Magic from $33

10. Laughternoon Starring Adam London

This family-friendly comedy show at The Orleans Hotel & Casino features comedian and magician Adam London with a charming spin on the classic magic show. Laughternoon combines sleight of hand magic and whimsical humor for a delightful afternoon show.

The audience gets lots of chances to be involved in the show, and the intimate theater allows you to get up close to the action. The time-slot of this hilarious show allows you to have a great laugh before your exciting night out in Vegas.

Adam London Laughternoon from $18


There are a number of awesome comedy clubs in Las Vegas, offering impressive lineups of some of the top names in comedy as well as rising stars. Here are 5 of our favorites.

Brad Garrett’s Comedy Club

This fabulous comedy club at MGM Grand is owned by Brad Garrett, who you’d instantly recognize as Raymond’s brother from the hit television show, “Everybody Loves Raymond”. As a standup comedian with 30 years of performing under his belt, he gives the stage to some of the country’s best touring comedians in an intimate, speak-easy-style venue.

Brad Garretts Comedy Club from $74

Center Stage

A rotating cast of some of the most beloved comedians of all time comes together at The Mirage. We’re talking superstar comedians like David Spade, Jay Leno, Kevin James, George Lopez, and more! This is a rare opportunity to see some of the funniest people alive in an intimate-sized venue.

Center Stage Comedy from $62

LA Comedy Club

Head to the STRAT to catch stand-up comedy at its finest. LA Comedy Club has launched the successful careers of comedians like Aziz Ansari and Loni Love, so be prepared to discover some seriously funny comedians. Featuring 2 headliners every night, this 18+ show is an hour and a half of total hilarity.

LA Comedy Club from $38

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