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It’s time to PanIQ! The Venetian Resort hosts this escape room venue which features a collection of exciting themes. Pick your favorite room and see if you can escape the fun, terrors, or consequences before time runs out.

There’s a room for everybody at PanIQ. Break into the Venetian Resort casino vault to take back all the money you lost and more in a casino heist. Become an explorer in search of treasures in Atlantis before the city sinks to the depths of the ocean. Survive the Morning After a crazy party night to make sure what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas. PanIQ has escape rooms for all ages and skill levels.

You have 45 to 60 minutes to escape a room and up to 7-10 players can be on a team. Enjoy a full bar and lounge at PanIQ while waiting for your turn in the escape room. It will surely make the game more interesting!

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