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Step into a different world and become the adventure at this state-of-the-art virtual reality experience. Sandbox VR is built by EA, Sony, and Ubisoft veterans to give you a feeling of total transformation you can’t get anywhere else. Using Hollywood motion capture cameras, 3D precision body trackers, custom hardware, and haptic suits, this experience feels so real you’ll feel like you’re living in a game.

Sandbox VR is designed to be enjoyed in a group, so get your team of up to 6 people together and get ready for the VR adventure of a lifetime. Whether you’re fighting off zombies or fighting each other, your group will be brought together like never before. Unlike most other VR experiences, you’re able to walk around the room and move through the virtual world with accuracy down to a finger wiggle.  

This mind-blowing futuristic VR experience has two Vegas locations at Planet Hollywood and The Venetian. For more information and pricing, click here!

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