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The Official Saw Escape Room & Escape Blair Witch Ticket Offers
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The clock starts now. Time begins ticking away to find your way out of the terrifying Saw traps or escape from the Blair Witch. Can you make it out in an hour? You’ll soon find out at the Official Saw Escape Room & Escape Blair Witch.

Step into scenes from your favorite horror movie in these fear-inducing escape room experiences. You’ll be trapped inside a meat packing plant to solve head-scratching puzzles from Jigsaw, who taunts you with each clue. But your pain is his enjoyment, and he’s keeping a close watch on you with unexpected twists to each clue.

See if the legends about the Blair Witch are true. You’ll walk through the eerie Black Hills Forest searching for clues to lost students, but you may encounter something more sinister. There are terrors behind every door as you try to escape one of the world’s largest escape rooms.

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