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BattleBots Destruct-a-Thon Ticket Offers
from $45

3…2…1…combat! Watch as robots go head-to-head in a battle till the end for the BattleBots Destruct-a-Thon. Get ready for clashing metal, flashing lights, and robotic combat that keeps crowds cheering for the entire 75-minute show.

Pick your favorite robot. Choose long-time crowd favorites like Kraken, HyperShock, and Witch Doctor, or set your loyalties on the newcomer for a wild underdog story. Every robot has a special skill—flame thrower, slicer, spinning saws, and more. Teams control the robots as they compete until the knockout. The entire arena becomes a warzone. Surprises are always waiting to pop up from the ground—so don’t blink, or you’ll miss part of the action! An announcer calls the matches, keeping the energy high with play calling and other entertaining antics.

See which robot will be crowned champion at the Horseshoe Las Vegas. Shows run from Thursday to Sunday, with two shows on Saturday.

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