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In this medieval dinner-and-show extravaganza playing at Excalibur, you’ll applaud for the king of your country while eating a meal fit for a royal (with your hands, the old-fashioned way!). The oval-shaped stadium is divided into seating sections that are named after countries of the world, and it becomes a fabulously fun competition of which country can cheer loudest for its king. The medieval heroes ride on horseback and compete of acts of courage, like jousting.

Tournament of Kings has some seriously high production value, making it a spectacular entertainment experience. This show is fantastic to go to with your family or a group of friends, so you can all cheer together. The best seats in the house are in the Dragon section (the only section not named after a country) where the audience members cheer for the bad guy. This section is by far the loudest and it’s a lot of fun, especially for kids, being on the bad guy’s side.

This show is listed as one of our Top Ten Best Shows in Las Vegas!

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