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Private Masters of Magic Show Ticket Offers
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This isn’t one of those Las Vegas magic shows that’s in a crowded venue with pyrotechnics and a huge audience. In fact, this magic show’s charm is largely because it doesn’t fit into that trend. In this intimate European-style cabaret theater you’ll have an up-close-and-personal experience that lets you see how marvelous the illusions really are, with no distractions to pull your eyes away.

The Private Masters of Magic Show is personalized just for your group by a helpful concierge, so whether you’re celebrating a birthday party or a romantic date night, you’ll get the VIP experience you deserve. The venue can arrange a birthday cake, limo, or even to have a special message appear in one of the magic tricks. World-class magicians Losander and Luna Shimada will blow you away with sleight of hand and levitation illusions that seem impossible and, well… magic!

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