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U2: UV Achtung Baby at the Sphere Ticket Offers

Rock super-group U2 hasn’t played a concert in 4 years, but they’re coming to Las Vegas this fall for a live performance that’s set to be unlike anything you’ve experienced before. What made them choose Vegas for their show? They were invited to play at the Sphere, a groundbreaking new space in Las Vegas that’s going to be the ultimate entertainment venue. After seeing the Sphere themselves, they couldn’t turn the opportunity down.

The highly advanced technology within the Sphere features a screen the size of 3 baseball fields that reaches around, over, and behind the audience, creating a fully immersive experience. Then there’s the sound system, which will allow for what U2’s stage director Willie Williams describes as “headphones sound without the headphones”. “You won’t see speaker stacks hanging from the ceiling,” he says, “because the entire building is a speaker and a video screen”.

The sound technology inside the Sphere gives every audience member a mind-blowing listening experience that has been described as “radical intimacy”. Williams says, “we can deliver a soft, intimate vocal from Bono and people in every seat will be able to hear every single word. That would be lost anywhere else. This venue is purpose-built to deliver perfect sound, the best ever. That was already enough for me.”

You can be a part of this unprecedented performance, U2: UV Achtung Baby, at the Sphere. Performances run from September 29th to March 2nd, 2024.

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