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Atomic Golf Ticket Offers

Step into the future of golfing entertainment at Atomic Golf, Las Vegas’ newest hotspot located at The STRAT hotel. This immersive experience takes the classic game and infuses it with high-tech wizardry to create a one-of-a-kind adventure. Within the 100,000 square foot structure are 103 golfing bays for parties of up to eight people which are outfitted with cutting-edge technology featuring swing tracking to analyze your shots and provide feedback to elevate your game.

Atomic Golf also caters to groups and special occasions, offering a variety of games and challenges to keep things interesting for golfers of all skill levels. Their full-service restaurant and bar ensures you stay fueled throughout your game, with delicious meals or refreshing cocktails to enjoy before, during, or after your golfing adventure.

Not into the long-range golf games? Not to worry as the excitement extends beyond the high-tech golfing bays at Atomic Golf. For putting enthusiasts, there’s the Putting District, where projection mapping creates a dynamic putting experience unlike any other. Craving a different kind of entertainment? The Astrocade, a multi-use room with floor-to-ceiling displays, offers the perfect spot to catch a game or unwind with interactive activities. And to quench your thirst after all that action, the Tap Room awaits. Here, you can enjoy a refreshing selection of beers, many sourced from the nearby Arts District’s renowned breweries. You can read more about Atomic Golf Here.

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