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Bring all your Vegas fantasies to life at ROUGH – The Sexiest Show in Vegas. Its stage full of sexy women and handsome men put on a night of entertainment that you can’t take your eyes off.

Presented in the STRAT Hotel, Rouge takes its audience on a wild ride through different eras and scenes. Performers dressed in revealing clothing show off their best ‘assets’ while re-enacting scenes from the French Revolution, bring your cheerleader fantasy to life, and adult humor scenes like a live sex doll.

For 85 minutes, you’ll see the stage transformed with props and costumes. From leaping dance moves to spins and flips in acrobatic displays to bellowing laughter at comedians who bring a smile to your face, The Rouge is a multi-show that brings its audience to its feel every night. Due to high demand and popularity for the show, it has two shows on Tuesday.

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