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Hoover Dam VIP Tour Ticket Offers
from $112

Experience the Hoover Dam, an engineering wonder of the world, with this awesome VIP tour. You’ll get an informative guided tour of the exterior of the dam, which is the highest concrete dam in the western hemisphere. The Hoover Dam stands a massive 725 feet above the Colorado River.

You’ll have lots of photo opportunities overlooking the dam and Lake Mead, the world’s largest man-made lake. On your trip back to Las Vegas you’ll pass through Boulder City, where you’ll get to see buildings of historical significance.

Hoover Dam attracts upwards of seven million visitors every year. You deserve to be a part of this VIP tour, giving you access to viewpoints and interiors of the dam that most people don’t get to see.

A VIP shuttle or mini coach picks you up from your Las Vegas hotel and whisks you off to one of the world’s most impressive architectural marvels. Watch a short video about the dam in the visitor center before stepping out onto the overlook balcony for panoramic views of the dam and Colorado River Gorge. Next, walk across the Hoover Dam Bypass Bridge, rising 900 feet over the Colorado River.

This tour lets you enter the Hoover Dam into the generator room and see behind the scenes how it produces enough power to supply Nevada, Arizona, and California!

The 5.5-hour VIP bus tour includes visiting the nearby Boulder City to see preserved buildings of workers who helped build the bridge in the 1930s.

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