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Highlights Over Grand Canyon Tour Ticket Offers
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Wheels up! This Grand Canyon tour gives you one of the best views of the canyon—from the sky! Fasten your seatbelt and takeoff on this aerial journey across one of the world’s most jaw-dropping natural wonders. 

Propellers whirr outside your window while peering down at the canyon. Listen to audio commentary about the canyon and each point of interest on the tour. This vantage point makes the 726-ft Hoover Dam look like a Lego wall and Lake Mead like a small pond—although it’s the largest reservoir in the country. But while these sites appear small, the bird’s eye view reveals just how grand the Grand Canyon really is! 

Fly with Papillon Grand Canyon Tours in a custom sightseeing plane for an optimal viewing experience. The flight time is 70 minutes and includes transportation to and from your hotel.

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