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Mariah Carey: The Celebration of Mimi Live in Las Vegas Ticket Offers
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Mariah Carey makes her Las Vegas comeback with a celebration of the 20th anniversary of her “Emancipation of Mimi” album. Quite fitting for a comeback since this chart-topping album was touted as her comeback to the spotlight.

Two decades later, you’ll still find yourself singing along to all your favorite songs from the album that produced hit singles like “We Belong Together” and “Shake It Off.” She’s got a song line-up featuring all her fan favorites and plenty of surprise songs from her other albums. It’s been six years since her last Las Vegas residency, and Carey never missed a note. She returns in all her glamor to take over Dolby Live at Park MGM–with the perfect acoustics for her signature high notes!

We all know Mariah Carey loves to “Fly Like a Bird,” and there’s no telling when this songbird will be back again—so catch her while you can! Tickets are on sale now for shows April 12-27.

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