A Musical About Star Wars Ticket Offers
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from $29

Blast off from Planet Hollywood to a galaxy far, far away with A Musical About Star Wars. Let your inner nerd shine in this show, proving once and for all that Trekkies are no match to the powers of the Force.

Experience the passion of Star Wars super fans singing about the series in an intentional low-budget production. You’ll catch many references from the movies as the actors playfully bring it to life through toy lightsabers, cardboard spaceships, and embarrassingly funny costumes. It’s all fun and games, as it brings a smile to all ages who get the humor. Watch hilarious Jedi battles, take sides with the resistance, and enjoy the wacky antics of all your favorite Star Wars characters.

A Musical About Star Wars entertains audiences at the V Theater. It’s a 70-minute afternoon show that will return you safely back to Earth by the evening.

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