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We all hope the odds are in our favor in the casino. But for some unusual odds, check out The Conjurors’ Cabin of Wonders’ magic show. This magician duo performs tricks showing that the odds of a billion-to-one is chump change—try even harder odds that come true with these tricks that make you question if it’s real or magic.

After meeting backstage at a magic show, Matthew Pomeroy and Natasha Lamb formed a duo on stage to bring twice the fun of magic. Nothing is impossible when these two get together, and they prove it live. There are no trick cameras. It’s magic in real life.

See their signature tricks using a Rubik’s cube with more than 43 quintillion combinations. Watching their real-time mind control with audience members and other tricks that will leave you scratching your head. 

The Conjurors performs a family-friendly show (kids 8+) at The Venue in the Orleans Hotel & Casino six nights a week. This venue gets you up close and personal to try to debunk their tricks…if you can…

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