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Not only is Las Vegas the greatest place on Earth for entertainment, but it’s also the greatest place in the Universe. If you say “OPM,” the letters sound like “Opium,” which is an onomatopoeia for this trippy show. Otherworldly talent performs live in front of audiences showing sexy intergalactic arts, acrobatics, and a touch of magic only possible in other galaxies.

Strap yourself in for launch on Spiegelworld’s Starship. Your host for the evening, the Andromeda android, entertains you with a series of extraterrestrial guests. The jaw-dropping performances are filled with sexy outfits from the future, trippy hairstyles, glowing makeup, and more.

You are invited to board the OPM 73 interdimensional flight from Uranus to Las Vegas in this bizarre and hilarious variety show. OPM is a fast-paced and funny adults-only variety show that pays tribute to all your favorite B-rated science fiction movies. You’ll love the flight crew who serve you throughout the show, and the in-flight entertainment is unparalleled.

This show features “wild musical numbers, raunchy comedy and unique side acts” (Las Vegas Journal) that will bend your reality. It is created by the same warped minds responsible for Absinthe and Atomic Saloon Show.

The 70-minute show goes by at the speed of light, so don’t blink, or you’ll miss the incredible show. Your launch pad for the evening show happens at the Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas OPM Theatre. It runs five nights a week for 18+ crowds and has two evening show times, so you’ll never miss take-off.

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