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Journey through the Valley of Fire State Park to uncover the ancient history of the Great Anasazi Native Americans. Witness the way of life of one of the early civilizations of the Mohave Desert. From exploring desert abodes to exhibitions of excavated artifacts to traces of life left behind on the rocks, you’ll explore the remains of early humans from 3,000 years ago.

Named for the emblazoned red rocks, the Valley of Fire was once home to early Native Americans, with evidence still visible today. Hike the dusty trails to find petroglyphs of human and animal figures. See tools used by these early hums, like woven wedding baskets, arrowheads, and pottery. Also, see the beautiful natural rock formations.

The tour includes visiting the ‘Lost City’ Museum for exhibitions on the Anasazi tribes and their ancient lifestyles.

The tour runs for 7 hours and includes lunch.

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