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Kamu Ultra Karaoke Ticket Offers
from $92
from $200

Lux-themed rooms inspire your inner popstar as you enjoy your 15 seconds of fame at Kamu Ultra Karaoke. You and your group will feel like VIP celebrities enjoying an evening of music, food, drinks, and Vegas-style fun.

Start the evening with cocktails to break the ice. Decorative rooms feature decors like posh leather couches, exotic wall patterns, and neon lights. Scroll through thousands of songs available to sing or sync your personal device via Bluetooth to sing along to the latest music on your playlists. The professional audio and sound system make your voice the star of the show.

Dinner is served in your private room. Food prepared by an award-winning chef gives you a world-class dining experience.

The Venetian Resort Las Vegas hosts the venue space for Kamu Ultra Karaoke. The venue immediately greets you with a unique water curtain programmed to show words, images, and patterns, all with water.

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