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Las Vegas is a city known for its innovative entertainment acts, iconic landmarks, and bustling tourist attractions. Navigating the city efficiently is crucial for visitors, and The Deuce transit bus system, operated by RTC Transit (Regional Transportation Commission of Southern Nevada), provides a convenient and affordable way to explore the Las Vegas metropolitan area. This guide is tailored for tourists planning trips and visits to Las Vegas, offering valuable information on The Deuce and its services along the tourist corridor.

Riders board the Deuce bus at the Cosmopolitan stop.

What is The Deuce?

The Deuce is a transit bus service connecting key areas in the Las Vegas metropolitan area, primarily catering to tourists. The Deuce, launched on October 27, 2005, is a vital transit service emphasizing the tourist route. Originally named for its double-decker buses and $2 fare (sadly, no longer the case), it now stands out for its iconic route connecting the Strip and Downtown. In 2022, The Deuce had an annual ridership of over 4.2 million people.

A map of the stops along the routes of the Deuce bus system.

All Aboard the Deuce

As one of only 6 transit agencies that operates double-decker buses on fixed-routes services in the US, the deuce only stops at posted stops and shelters along its assigned route. Several stops cater to multiple routes, requiring a thorough check of each bus’s header sign for the specific route number and direction you intend to take. Over 80 “SuperDeuces” are operational, each spanning more than 42 feet, equipped with twin staircases, and boasting an overall capacity approaching 100 riders.

A Deuce bus waits at a stop on the Strip route.

Fares can be purchased onboard, at select ticket vending machines, or on rideRTC, Transit or Uber mobile apps. Regular fares for a single ride start from $4, $6 for a 2-hour pass, $8 for a 24-hour pass, and $20 for a 3-day pass. The RTC offers reduced fares for Veterans, youth (6-17), students (K-12), senior citizens (60 and over), persons with disabilities, Medicare eligible persons, and Mobility Trained customers.

Deuce Ticket PricesPriceReduced
2 Hours on the Strip and All Access$6.00$3.00
24 Hours on the Strip and All Access$8.00$4.00
3 Days on the Strip and All Access$20.00$10.00

Deuce on The Strip

Unlike many other major cities around the world, taxi cabs and rideshares in Las Vegas are not allowed to pickup passengers off the street. Being forced to navigate the labyrinth of a megaresort to try and locate the valet pickup area can be daunting and time consuming. The Deuce gives direct access to stops on the Strip, which is a true game-changer for getting around the corridor and downtown.

The list of stops on the Northbound and Southbound Deuce routes.

The normal schedule for the Deuce provides premium frequent service approximately every 15-20 minutes along the Las Vegas Strip and in downtown Las Vegas. The Deuce is a convenient and cost-effective transportation option for visitors or locals at anytime of the day with the buses running 24/7/365. It’s also a great option to sight-see around the Strip in a more informal and affordable way when compared to Big Bus Tours where tickets start in the $40 range.

Whether you’re arriving at or leaving Harry Reid International Airport, the Deuce offers several routes (108, 109, and Westcliff Airport Express) that can take you to and from the airport for the same prices as a regular trip on the Deuce, but at a fraction of the cost of renting a car or even taking a taxi or rideshare.

Other Things to Know

  • Provide exact fare when riding the Deuce as both the driver and ticket vending machine do not provide change. 
  • Eating, drinking, or smoking on board are not allowed. 
  • The aisles must be kept clear of luggage, grocery bags, and other packages.
  • Wear your shirt and shoes at all times while onboard.
  • Aside from service animals, no pets are allowed onboard the Deuce.
  • Children should be removed from strollers while riding the bus.