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Drifting Ride Along Experience Ticket Offers
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from $99

Vroom, Vroom! The engine of a Dodge SRT Hellcat revs up as you get ready to speed around a racetrack with a professional driver. You’ll sit shotgun for a front-row seat of the high-speed action on the road.

With each heart-racing turn and stomach-dropping skid, you’ll give screams of thrill. The smell of burned rubber comes through the windows as the wind blows in your face with speeds reaching 150+ MPH. Gliding over the hot tracks in expert drifting maneuvers causes you to slide around your seat as you reach for the dash and the roof. Zip past other cars and leave trails of smoke coming from the tires after a few celebratory donuts.

The Drifting Ride Along Experience takes you on a two-lap race at the SpeedVegas Motorsports Park. Grab your tickets early for the daily ride experiences because they frequently sell out.

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