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This year marks the 40th anniversary of the ‘Love at First Sting’ album by legendary heavy metal band Scorpion. Whether you attended the original Love at First Sting tour back in the 80s or are a newcomer to their fanbase, you’ll see why the band is still in high demand decades later.

The Bakkt Theater in Planet Hollywood is the perfect venue to host Scorpions. The acoustics are just right to hear every guitar solo, sing along to their vocals, and hear their iconic songs that sound even better so many years later. Some of the band’s biggest songs came from this album, including “Rock You Like a Hurricane,” “Big City Nights,” and “Still Loving You.”

See the guys that started the rockstar trend of leather outfits and big hair. While their image has changed over the years—say goodbye to that wild hair—their singing and guitar playing have only gotten better.

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