Admit it. Have you ever gone by those huge construction machines, like one of those giant bulldozers or excavators, and secretly wished you could take them for a spin? Well, now you can! A company called Dig This Vegas, which is only about a 10 minute drive from the Las Vegas strip has mega-size construction vehicles for rent. You can let loose and actually operate them in what has been called “America’s first heavy equipment playground.”

Pick your beast to drive, such as their climate-controlled Caterpillar D5G Track-Type Bulldozer, or the Caterpillar 3I5CL Hydraulic Excavator. You can then have a go at some of their bulldozer challenges, like building mounds of dirt, pushing tires, or even bulldozer teeter-totter over a dirt mound. The excavator exercises let you dig gigantic trenches, stack 2,000 pound tires, and if you are up to it, play a game of heavy equipment “Excavator Basketball!”

The helpful staff will guide you through everything. There are only a few minor requirements to use the equipment. You must be at least 14 years of age for the big machines, but kids as young as 8 can operate the skid steer loaders and mini excavators. There is absolutely no alcohol allowed and they give all drivers a breathalyzer tests before starting (no refunds are given if you fail it). They next go over a quick safety procedure list and have you fitted with those neon-yellow vests with a hard hat that you only dreamed about wearing. Their instructors will walk you through every button, dial and lever you need to know so you can begin digging away like a pro. They even have special warm-up exercises to help you get up to speed on things.

At the end, you can keep that giant ear-to-ear grin on your face to take a photo while you hold your Certificate of Completion degree that you can hang on your wall back home. Be sure to explore their retail store for some fun souvenirs.

Prices start at $169 for the 60 minute skid steer track loader, but we suggest upgrading ($249) to the full Big Dig experience that includes 90 minutes of fun with a bulldozer or excavator. In case driving these bad boys was not enough, they also have packages deals, such as their Dig and Destroy offer that lets you shoot real machine guns, rifles and handguns. Visit Dig This Vegas for more info or to book your package.