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Area 51 Tour Ticket Offers
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Locations: Area 51, Extraterrestrial Highway
Tour Length: 10 hours

UFO enthusiasts will love this tour, which takes you to a variety of spots that are the locations of frequent UFO sightings. You’ll travel in a comfortable SUV through the desert and stop to explore a dry lakebed that is thought to be a frequent hangout for UFOs. Next, you’ll take a drive down the Extraterrestrial Highway to the A ‘le’ Inn, a store and restaurant where you can find a lot of information about Area 51.

After chowing down on an Alien Burger for lunch, you’ll head to the mysterious Area 51 – the most famous military base in the world, featured in the “X-files”. After traveling through a Joshua Tree Forest, you’ll be stopped by guards when you’ve reached the point where you don’t have clearance to go any further. A fascinating and spine-tingling tour.

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