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One of the highlights of any trip to Vegas is the daily trip to the buffets. No place in the world has so many great buffets in one location.  With so many tempting choices, finding the right one can be challenging. Here are our picks for the best Las Vegas Buffets. 

#1 Sterling Brunch at Bally’s

Bally’s offers their exquisite brunch at BLT Steak, which is located in the hotel. It is only offered on Sunday from 9:30 am to 2:30 pm. At $90 per person, it is not cheap, but it is definitely worth the price for what you get. It is highly suggested that you make reservations in advance.

This buffet offers everything from the typical waffles and omelets to more exotic fare such as ostrich tenderloin and Maine lobster. This buffet-style brunch is so full of bounty and variety that is impossible to go hungry (or thirsty for that matter.) Unlimited Perrier Jouët champagne  is served at brunch, with orange juice if you prefer to have a Mimosa or you can choose Virgin or Dirty Bloody Marys.  The minute you are seated you are served warm Gruyére popovers. The appetizers are heavenly, but save room for the other amazing items that are waiting for you at the steam tables.

At the steam tables and hot food tables you will find plenty of Maine lobsters and lobster tails (you can even sprinkle some caviar on them along with the butter sauce for a real decadent treat), roasted crab legs, stone crab, truffles, tons of oysters, giant gulf shrimp cocktails, several types of caviar, beef tenderloin, rack of lamb, truffle mashed potatoes, filet mignon, excellent prime rib, sushi and much more. Other highlights include a wonderful smoked Nova lox and a sampling authentic French charcuterie that includes delicious cheeses and cured meats. Bally’s brunch buffet also offers you a great selection of dessert items, such  banana bread pudding, French toast, chocolate truffles with peanut butter, as well as assorted cakes and pastries. You can also order special items directly from your server, such as lobster bisque soup, Caesar salad, lobster eggs Benedict and other specialties.

This place is truly a food-lover’s paradise. The waiters are even dressed in tuxedos with white gloves. It’s a fancy event with linen and fine silverware. The environment is calm and relaxing, which also sets it apart from other buffets in Vegas. While the variety of food isn’t as massive as at regular buffets, the quality is much higher in terms of both content and execution which more than makes up for things.

#2 Bacchanal Buffet

Bacchanal Buffet at Caesars

Located in Caesars Palace, Bacchanal is an an over-the-top (the restaurant cost over $100 million dollars to build) feast created by a team of master chefs, offering diners the most variety of gourmet dining options on the Las Vegas Strip. Bacchanal’s lofty goal was always to take the traditional Vegas buffet experience to the next level and it succeeds, garnering consistent five star reviews for  being the best buffet in Vegas. Bacchanal prides itself on presentation and serves many of their food on small plates with a presentation you might only expect to find at a fine dining restaurant. The Buffet features more than 500 items from such classic  international favorites such as made-to-order omelets, fresh seafood, and roasted meats like prime rib. Regional comfort foods on the menu include breakfast pizzas, red velvet pancakes, wood-fired Neapolitan pizzas, Chinese Dim sum, and even roasted Southern Carolina shrimp and grits. A unique aspect of this buffet is that the majority of cooking is done in front of guests by interactive chefs. You will not be let down by the sheer spectacle offered by this fantastic buffet. In addition to the extravagant daily offerings, Bacchanal offers around 15 different specials each day that are based on what is in season with well-thought out culinary choices made by their wonderful chefs.

Bacchanal also offers the diner cuisines from around the world including:

Mexican – featuring freshly made enchiladas, tortillas and Sopapillas
Italian – Pastas, baked lasagna, antipasto display
Chinese – Made-to-order assorted soups, wok-fried dishes and dim sum
Japanese – Fresh sushi, sashimi, cooked fish
American – BBQ house-smoked meats from a wood-burning smoker and wood-burning grill; numerous carving stations including prime rib, brisket, rotisserie chicken and more
Seafood – Fresh East and West Coast oysters, king crab, snow crab, stone crab, mussels and prawns
Pizza – Varieties of pizzas served fresh from a wood-burning oven
Deli – Soups, cheeses, 7 charcuterie selections including house specialties and individual, prepared and make-your-own salads
Dessert – Chocolate, vanilla and pistachio soufflés baked to order, selection of gelato, sorbets and crème brûlée

Food is served on small plates, which keeps the dining experience fresh and intimate, and less like eating from food troughs, as is common at a more traditional buffet. You will find ridiculously good sliders. Be sure to sample the very fresh king crab and snow crab legs (upon request, they will steam a plate for you.).They even provide pre-cracked stand-alone crab claws, a rarity in any town. They also serve up excellent prime rib, beef brisket, and dim sum. The Chinese roast duck and dumplings that squirt savory soup when bite into them are highly recommended. The lobster and corn chowder is also winner as is their Mexican pork carnitas. You can also gnaw on great lamb chops and slurp up the noodles of awesome Ramen and Pho. Other highlights include a ceviche, lamb shank and crab fritters.

Although known for it’s exotic, international and exotic fare, Bacchanal also cooks simple dishes to perfection. Favorites include Eggs Benedict (sold with either ham or smoked salmon), with poached eggs cooked to perfection and served with delicious bacon.

You should also be sure to save lots of room for dessert if you can! The restaurant boasts a gelato and crepe station, which are two dessert options that go very well with each other. Other dessert highlights include the green tea and red bean cookies, macaroons, mousse cakes, creme brulee, cheesecake, and tiramisu.

Insider Tip: With 500+ items available on the buffet tables you won’t be able to sample them all at one meal, so if you can manage it it, consider going for a late lunch and staying until dinner items become available.

#3  The Buffet Bellagio

Photo by Ina Zakira flickr.com

The array of foods offered at the Buffet Bellagio is fabulous, offering one ethnic cuisine after another (Japanese, Chinese that includes unexpected buffet fare like dim sum, build-it-yourself Mexican and more.) There are elaborate pastas and semi-traditional Italian-style pizza served up piping hot from a wood-fired oven. The cold fish appetizers at each end of the line are not to be missed. Be sure to sample the scallops, smoked salmon, crab claws, shrimp, oysters, and assorted condiments. Other specialties of the Buffet Bellagio include breast of duck and game hens. There is no carving station, but many meats are available pre-carved. Be sure to try the tasty prime rib with horseradish sauce. The Lyonnaise potatoes are also wonderful.

The salad bar is ordinary, there are some fine surprises in the selection of prepared salads, such as the eggplant-tofu salad and an exceptional Chinese chicken salad. Desserts, unfortunately, look better than they actually are.

The Bellagio offers a “gourmet buffet” every Friday and Saturday night that includes Kobe beef, Beef Wellington, lamb chops, venison and buffalo. Especially good is the daily soup and bread combo. The lamb and king crab legs (sliced open length-wise for your convenience) are a definite must, as is the shrimp cocktail (not the tiny shrimp, but the jumbo-sized ones.). Breakfast/brunch is very good too with an offering of seafood omelets, lox and bagels, and perfectly cooked Eggs Benedict in a rich Hollandaise sauce.

#4 The Buffet at Wynn Las Vegas

The Buffet at the Wynn Las Vegas is one of our top buffet picks. The fact that Mr. Wynn expects nothing but the best from his namesake hotel is most certainly proved by the quality and taste that this is delivered by this buffet. Wynn recently updated their buffet offerings to include over 120 new items, including additonal individually plated items and an extensive selection of ethnic foods. The atmosphere is artistic and scenic, with colorful fresh flowers that match the decor of the hotel, and the service is 5-star. The seating of patrons is spread out to give a more civilized, warm feel to the buffet.

The Buffet at Wynn Las Vegas. Crab legs. Everything at this buffet is so delicious that it is hard to know where to begin, but let’s start with the crab legs. Amazing is the only way to describe them and going just to eat them and nothing else is well worth the price of admission. The crab station is setup so that chefs are constantly provided fresh ones, so you don’t need to worry about ever getting picked-over crab.

In addition, the Buffet at Wynn Las Vegas serves excellent prime rib. The Chinese dumplings were very good for a buffet. They serve great sushi and salad, including a delicious Caesar salad. You will find many kinds of homemade pasta, including pumpkin ravioli and gnocchi in brown butter sauce, and wonderful lobster ravioli that is stuffed with nice sized chunks of lobster meat. Be sure to sample the awesome Peking duck buns, beer-battered fish and chips, and their “Sinatra” meatballs. The wonderful curry dishes, such as the chicken curry and chick peas are also worth trying. Other dishes of special note include scallops in a coconut milk ceviche, lamb chops (perfectly done), jerk chicken, and excellent soups made with real stock. There is also gazpacho, amazing pizzas and great Mexican food. Even their breakfast is a real special treat, offering such delectables as apple wood smoked bacon, chicken and apple sausages, cheese blintzes, smoked salmon and hash browns cooked to perfection.  On weekends the buffet goes “gourmet” and features more exotic items, such as an entire roasted pig and more.

We also liked the Thai beef, Korean kimchee, beef brisket, and crepes made-to-order. Also recommended is the very crispy fried chicken made with matzo meal.  Notable, for a Vegas buffet, were the multiple vegan options that even meat-eaters thoroughly enjoyed.

If you like drinking, a $18 flat fee upgrade on your bill, you will be provided with unlimited adult beverages, which for Vegas is a really good deal.

You are going to have control yourself if you are going to make room for dessert. While not the star of the show, they were very good and included wonderful creme brulee, hot brownies, assorted tarts (pumpkin was our favorite), a crepe and waffle station, cookies, cakes, tiramisu, and an excellent selection of ice cream. Coffee is offered before dessert, which is a nice touch. A unique new item is their “ice cream roulette wheel” that holds a huge assortment of flavors that are all controlled by a motor helps the server automatically get your choices to you.

If you like nuts on your ice cream you are out of luck, since the entire buffet is nut-free. However, this buffet is great for those with nut allergies, which Wynn takes very seriously and has made this unique feature a focus for the hotel. However, if you are allergic to nuts or have a family member who is, be sure to ask first if this is a concern, since policies can change very quickly in the hospitality industry.

#5 The Village Buffet at Paris Las Vegas

The Village Buffet at Paris Las Vegas is one of the more ambitious buffets, with a price hike to match–still, you do get, even at the higher-priced dinner session, a fine assortment of food, and more value for the dollar than you are likely to find anywhere else. Plus, the Paris buffet is housed in the most pleasing room of the buffet bunch. It’s a Disneyland-esque two-thirds tall replica of a classic French village complete with architectural clichés. You will find the kitschiness of the place to be either charming respite from Vegas lights or sickening, depending on your tolerance level for such things. Buffet stations are grouped according to French regions, and even though in theory entrees change daily, there do seem to be some constants, including most of the dishes described here. In the Brittany area, you’ll find things like made-to-order crepes, surprisingly good roasted duck with green peppercorn and peaches, and steamed mussels with butter and shallots. In the Normandy area, there’s quiche and some dry bay scallops with honey cider. The carving station is set up in the Burgundy section, but distinguishes itself by adding options of chateaubriand sauce and cherry sauce Escoffier. Lamb stew is a possibility for Alsace, while Provence has pasta to order and a solidly good braised beef.

The salad station isn’t strong on exotic flavors, but the veggies are fresh, and there is even some domestic cheese. The pre-cracked crab legs with with melted butter (it is hard finding buffets who give you melted butter with crab) are wonderful.  The salad bar also offers excellent potatoes au gratin

You can skip the dessert station in favor of heading back to Brittany for some made-to-order crepes, but you might want to try the Bananas Foster, first. If you are still hungry in the morning,  keep in mind that they also have a wonderful breakfast buffet.

#6 The Wicked Spoon Buffet at the Cosmopolitan

Photo by Kevin Gong flickr.com

Everything about Cosmopolitan is different, including their buffet. The atmosphere at The Wicked Spoon Buffet is modern, chic, and sophisticated. Food is served in individual small portions on plates, but you can take as many plates as you like and create your own 10-course meal. While they do not serve crab legs or shrimp cocktails,  you will find many nicely prepared dishes such as sweet potato fries, gyros, great lamb ribs, dim sum (try the pork belly steamed buns), Korean beef, very tasty mini chicken pot pies, Steak with chimichurri sauce (very tender), excellent short ribs tossed with pasta, Kalbi beef, fried shrimp balls, risotto, sushi, huevos rancheros, and French toast stuffed with cinnamon apples and walnuts. The desert includes chocolate covered strawberries, apples dipped in chocolate, crepes, gelato, and fudge.

#7 The Buffet at Aria

Photo by Anna Irene flickr.comThe buffet at Aria features steamed fresh crab legs (cold are also available, but we liked the hot ones best), jumbo shrimp cocktails, rack of lamb, mussels in garlic wine sauce, very tender prime rib, made-to-order pastas and omelets, sushi, pizza, prime meats grilled and carved (including NY Strip) to your specifications and oysters on the half shell (gourmet nights). Delicious kabobs, BBQ, freshly-baked naan (garlic naan was delicious) and other savory dishes are prepared in the only Tandoori Oven in a Las Vegas buffet. Their soups are all made from scratch and excellent. You can also find rice congee and add preserved eggs and bbq pork to it. They have a wonderful dessert selection with gourmet pastries, cookies, flan, dulce leche, creme brulee and ice cream. Instead of regular soft serve ice cream, they have a large assortment of creamy Italian gelato. They also have a nice selection of cheesecakes, shortcakes, cream puffs and extra fancy “shooters” such as red velvet, carrot cake, coconut tapioca, Oreo pudding, tiramisu and more. Many of their desserts are presented in a way that you would only expect to find when ordering from a fine dining restaurant.

#8  The Carnival World Buffet at The Rio

Seafood fans flock to the nautical-themed Carnival World buffet at the Rio, complete with American, Mexican, Italian, and Chinese serving stations. At the American station you can load up on seafood salads, snow-crab legs, oysters on the half shell, peel-and-eat shrimp, seafood gumbo, grilled salmon, broiled swordfish, oysters Rockefeller, poached roughy, steamed clams, and lobster tails. There are also ethnic ocean entrees, such as seafood fajitas, cioppino, seafood cannelloni, squid chow fun, and kung pao scallops. They also serve awesome lobster, crab and sushi.

Definitely worth the price if for only the sushi or the lobster. They serve lobster tails prepared three different ways, and I probably ate the $35 charge in lobster tails alone. The menu included salmon, swordfish, Oreo dory, crab legs, and stuffed crabs (just to name a few of the selections.) The peeled shrimp were delicious. For meat lovers, they also offer prime rib, BBQ beef ribs, and chicken dishes. To top it all off, the Village Buffet has one of Las Vegas’ best selections of high-quality desserts.

#9  The Cravings Buffet at The Mirage

Nothing says Vegas excess like endless mounds of shrimp and prime rib  heaped up on huge platters. Until recently, The Cravings Buffet at the Mirage was one of the higher priced in town, but also one of the most reliable in terms of food quality. It’s been eclipsed in the former category, but still holds true in the latter. Like most local buffets, flavors tend toward the middle-of-the-road–but at least here the road is a broader one. The ubiquitous carving station is complimented by a fajita station, an Asian station, and a pasta station. The pasta station features made-to-order sauces, starting with either a cream or tomato base. Note the standout salad bar, which features surprises like hummus, baba ghanoush, and couscous, plus a variety of veggie-intensive dishes. There is also gefilte fish, which is not something commonly seen on a Vegas buffet. Put your plate-loading emphasis on the salad bar, with some selections from the aforementioned special stations. The already peeled shrimp is very fresh and they also have a great salad bar. Desserts are better than the foam-rubber average, including bread pudding, chewy peanut-butter cookies, and an unexpectedly intense chocolate mousse.

#10  The Paradise Buffet at The Flamingo

The Paradise Buffet at the Flamingo  has an amazing salad and fresh fruit bar that features mounds of shrimp on ice, Snow Crab Legs at dinner and Assorted International salads and sushi. The carving station serves Herb Crusted Prime Rib of Beef and Slow-Roasted Breast of Turkey. Roasted Leg of Spring Lamb is also available, along with Miso Glazed Duck, Sautéed Clams and Mussels, Double Breaded Southern Fried Chicken and the Chef’s Catch of the day. There are also over 60 breakfast items including Omelets, Honey-Glazed Ham, Smoked Norwegian Salmon, Roasted Breakfast Sausage, Smokehouse Bacon, Buttermilk Biscuits, made-to-order Malted Waffles, Country-Fried Potatoes and Freshly baked Breakfast Pastries.

#11  The Flavors Buffet at Harrah’s

The Flavors Buffet at Harrah’s features continuous live cooking stations, freshly prepared seafood, all-you-can-eat crab legs and fresh cut Prime Rib. You will also find an array of delectable side dishes, traditional comfort foods and a variety of pastries prepared to perfection. The buffet array represents cuisines from around the world, including Churrasco, Authentic Brazilian BBQ, pizzas and Italian casseroles prepared in a wood burning oven. There is also fire-roasted rotisserie chicken, traditional Southwest dishes, piping hot steamed crab legs and tasty Asian selections such as hand rolled-sushi, Maki Rolls and homemade wonton soup as. For dessert, Flavors features a gelato station with homemade sorbet, gelato and ice cream. Above-average food combined with an extremely friendly staff makes this one of the better buffet choices. they also serve excellent crab, prime rib and shrimp and a great breakfast buffet that includes omelets, bacon, biscuits and gravy and everything else.

#12  The Bay Side Buffet at Mandalay Bay

The Bay Side Buffet at Mandalay Bay  serves prime rib, crab, pizza and much, much more from its ] salad bar, carving station, ethnic food table, pasta station seafood station, Asian station and Mexican station. Combined with sweeping views of the 11-acre tropical lagoon outside the hotel, this extraordinary buffet features live action stations and delightful culinary cuisine. Bay Side Buffet offers one of the most attractive buffet areas in Las Vegas. It is completely isolated from the casino activity, and though it can seat 500 customers, the mostly small, partitioned seating areas create a real feeling of intimacy. Lots of natural and artificial foliage in a garden-like setting make it even more luxuriant. This is topped off with a special dining area at the south end of the buffet, which features richly polished wood floors and a lovely view overlooking the resort’s tropical water garden. Items include Dungeness crab legs; chilled peel & eat shrimp; cocktail sauce; Opillio crab legs; Dover lox; smoked trout; sliced tomatoes; assorted cheeses; assorted cold cuts; fresh cut fruit (mostly melons).  The dessert area is separated from the primary serving area and features a modest variety of soft-serve ice creams with toppings, pies, cakes, tarts and cobblers. The dessert table is also unique because it offers loads  of sugar-free desserts, including chocolate cream pie, carrot cake, German chocolate cake, and lemon meringue pie.


Note that all information is subject to change at any time without notice and that checking directly with the hotel, before you arrive is always a good idea.

Aria Las Vegas

Features limitless mountains of fresh crab legs, made-to-order pastas and omelets, sushi, pizza, and prime meats grilled and carved to your specifications. Delicious kabobs, freshly-baked naan and other savory dishes are prepared in the only Tandoori Oven in a Las Vegas buffet. Excellent dessert selections offer gourmet pastries and ice cream.


Photo by Wendy flickr.com

The Buffet at Bellagio offers one of the most varied buffets in Vegas. Guests may choose from the best of Italian, Japanese, Chinese, seafood and American cuisines, offered daily. The place is also well known for it’s deluxe gelatos and French pastries.

Caesars Palace

The Bacchanal is an an over-the-top feast created by a team of interactive master chefs, offering the most variety on the Las Vegas Strip. Bacchanal Buffet features more than 500 classic dishes such as made-to-order omelets, fresh seafood and prime rib to cutting edge as well as regional comfort food like breakfast pizzas, red velvet pancakes, Chinese dim sum and roasted South Carolina shrimp and grits.

Circus Circus

Circus Circus Buffet offers All-Day buffet pass for q $25.99 flat rate. Buffet favorites include a salad bar, carving station, hot stations with stews and meaty entrees, fried shrimp and desserts.


Everything about Cosmopolitan is different, including their Wicked Spoon buffet. The atmosphere of the Wicked Spoon is modern, chic, and sophisticated. Nicely prepared dishes including gyros, great lamb ribs, dim sum  short ribs tossed with pasta, risotto, sushi, Huevos Rancheros, and French toast stuffed with cinnamon apples and walnuts.


The Excalibur Buffet strikes the perfect balance of cheap prices, forgettable decor, and adequate food. It’s what you want in a cheap Vegas buffet.  The plates are large, so you don’t have to make as many trips to the buffet tables. Buffet is a low cost buffet and still gives you the shrimp and prime rib that the more expensive ones do.


The Paradise Buffet at the Flamingo has an amazing salad and fresh fruit bar that features mounds of shrimp on ice, Snow Crab Legs at dinner and Assorted International salads and sushi. It also serves prime rib, turkey, roasted leg of Spring lamb, Glazed duc, Double Breaded Southern Fried Chicken and a Catch of the day. There are also over 60 breakfast items including Omelets, made-to-order Malted Waffles, and breakfast Pastries.

Four Seasons

This Las Vegas main-stay offers indoor and outdoor seating. It has that beautiful view and boasts a the classy and clean environment that you would expect from the Four Seasons Hotel franchise. The buffet has a smaller selection of foods than other places in Las Vegas, but  offers very high quality and sometimes gourmet  items, such as their signature omelets with crab and lobster meat. There are also fresh fruits, lox and bagels. A visit to the donut station is a must at this popular, high-quality establishment.


Flavors, The Buffet represents cuisines from around the world, including Churrasco, or Authentic Brazilian BBQ, pizzas and Italian casseroles prepared in a wood burning oven, fire-roasted rotisserie chicken, piping hot steamed crab legs and tasty Asian selections such es. Flavors is one of the most diverse buffets on the Las Vegas Strip. For dessert, Flavors features a gelato station with homemade sorbet and a breakfast buffet with bacon, biscuits and gravy and made to order omelettes.


The Buffet at Luxor  is known for its eccentric Eygptian decor, 30-foot salad bar, homemade pizza station, two carving stations, omelet station, and specialties from around the world.

M Resort

Studio B is a locals’ favorite: It is about 20 minutes south of the Strip in Henderson, but worth the drive. The Las Vegas Review Journal voted them as being a best buffet. The all-you-can-drink wine and beer and espresso drinks with shots of liqueur included in the price are a unique feature. Featured dishes include chimichurri shrimp, green curry chicken, BBQ ribs, a prime rib, crab legs, and New York strip. With over 200 menu items, there is something for everyone. Be sure to save room for their excellent cheesecake, creme brulee, gelato or mousse. For what you get, it is an excellent value.

MGM Grand

The MGM Grand Buffet includes crab legs, oven-roasted turkey and prime rib, sea bass in yellow curry sauce, diablo seafood stew, pasta, pizza, and an extensive dessert bar.

Mandalay Bay  

The Bay Side Buffet offers Prime rib, crab, pizza, salad bar, carving station, hot seafood, ethnic food, pasta station and desserts. Combined with sweeping views of the 11-acre tropical lagoon,  It is also unique for offering  sugar-free desserts, including chocolate cream pie, carrot cake, German chocolate cake, and lemon meringue pie.


The Cravings Buffet at The Mirage Features crab legs with drawn butter, prime rib, meat carving station, pizza, pasta, sushi, Mexican food, Chinese dishes, grilled orange roughy, mussels and cioppino, Mediterranean, American, and Italian items and gelato desserts.

Monte Carlo

The Buffet at Monte Carlo features a large salad bar, a fresh-made pasta bar, grill stations and carving stations serving excellent prime rib, crab legs (weekends), Asian, pizza, Mexican, seafood, sushi, and roast beef wrapped in bacon. Lunch buffet has a build your own Philly sandwich station.


The Bistro Buffet at The Palms has great warm crab legs, Lebanese-style chicken, tabbouleh, hummus and babaghanoush, slow-roasted prime rib, made-to-order English Trifle and Free beer, wine, and sodas. Dessert highlights include bread pudding and cheesecake.


Le Village Buffet at the Paris offers dishes from the five provinces of France, including crab legs, prime rib, duck, roast beef, steamed fish, ratatouille, different cheeses, pate, smoked salmon and bagel. There is a great dessert selection including creme brulee, flan, various cakes, banana foster, ice cream and cookies.

Planet Hollywood

The Spice Market Cafe at the Planet Hollywood Resort and Casino includes Mexican, Italian, Asian, Middle Eastern and American. Seafood station. Lamb, Hummus, baklava. Dessert selection includes cotton candy.


The Garden Fresh Buffet has on of the most affordable champagne buffets in Las Vegas. Four themed food stations include Mexican, Italian, Chinese and American. Beef ribs, Mac ‘n cheese, grilled Italian seasoned chicken, chicken patty with tomato sauce, Mexican rice, roast beef, fried chicken, bacon and  sausage, egg station. Dessert selections include sugar free items.


The Courtyard Buffet at Stratosphere serves global cuisine, including Pan-Asian, Southwestern, American comfort foods, regional European flavors, carving station, deli display, omelet bar, freshly baked pastries, prime rib, brisket of beef, roast chicken, roast turkey. Seafood nights include shrimp, oysters, and crab legs.


Tbe Emperor’s Buffet in The LINQ is an economical buffet featuring a good breakfast selection, fried chicken, prime rib and crab. It is good for traveller’s on a budget who are not necessarily in Las Vegas to sample gourmet food.

Wynn Las Vegas

The Buffet at Wynn includes king crab legs and crab claws, prime ribs, lamb chops, curry dishes, cerviche, sushi, smoked salmon, prawns, gnocchi, freshly made soups, applewood smoked bacon, chicken and apple sausage and short ribs.

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Arizona Charlie’s

Arizona Charlie’s Dacatur Frisco Market Cafe serves dishes that hail from San Francisco including pasta, steaks, seafood and salad.

Boulder Station

The Boulder Station Feast buffet offers travellers on a a budget a way to enjoy a complete feast.

The Cannery

The Cannery serves the Cannery Row Buffet, which features an eclectic array off food, a champagne brunch and special prime rib nights.

Fiesta Henderson

The Festival Buffet in the Fiesta Henderson offers very a selection of very inexpensive global cuisines, six food stations and a massive dessert bar.

Fiesta Rancho

The Festival Buffet in the Fiesta Rancho offers six cooking statons, a variety of inexpensive global cuisines and a dessert bar.


The Paradise Buffet offers an all-you-can eat buffet with several options in a tropical garden setting.

Gold Coast
The Ports O’ Call Buffet offers 7 live cooking stations featuring local cuisine and also cuisines from around the world including Chinese, Mexican and Italian.

Golden Nugget

Photo by Miss Shari Flickr.com

The Buffet at the Golden Nugget includes BBQ beef, shrimp cocktail, fried shrimp, hush puppies, Chinese food, prime rib, pia  and crab salad. Crab legs and oysters are available at the seafood buffet. There is a also an extensive selection of desserts.

Green Valley Ranch

The Feast Buffet at Green Valley Ranch features six live-action cooking stations serving Italian, American, Mongolian, Chinese and International specialties prepared right before your eyes. A wide selection of low-carb menu items is also available. They also have excellent pizza, brisket and chicken fried steak and a gelato and dessert bar.

Main Street Station
The Garden Court Buffet Voted as one of best buffet in Downtown Las Vegas. Choices including Mexican food, Southwestern fare, Asian delights, pizza and rotisserie chicken.  Other items of note include country fried steak and excellent prime rib brisket, very moist chicken, and a Hawaiian section, which has Kailua pork and oxtail stew.


The French Market Buffet at Orleans Casino serves Prime Rib, Shrimp Scampi.  crawfish, beef ribs, shrimp fried rice and  tacos.  Different stations serve American, Mongolian, Chinese, Mexican, Italian and BBQed foods.

Palace Station

The Feast Gourmet Buffet features a made-to-order pasta, steak, and hamburger station. It is known for serving good fried chicken and roast beef. Breakfast is big and includes bacon, sausage, eggs, and pancakes.

Red Rock Casino

The Feast Buffet features sushi, faitas and a variety of different international dishes.

Sam’s Town Hotel and Gambling Hall

The Firelight Buffet serves a variety of cuisines, including American, Asian and Mexican in a comfortable setting.


The Seasons Buffet is now for it’s all-you-can-eat buffet, champagne brunch and dishes from all around the world in a comfortable contemporary space.


The St. Tropez Buffet at the SunCoast Hotel & Casino International Buffet is known for it braised beef, mashed potatoes and salad bar.

Sunset Station
The Feast Around the World Buffet is known for it’s hot tables and carving station with roast beef, fresh biscuits and affordable brunch, which includes a big breakfast with suasages and hash browns.

Silver Sevens

Terrible’s Buffet has over 200 items to choose from including lobster tails, caviar, king crab legs, a lobster benedict, a dessert table and a champagne brunch option.

Texas Station

The Feast Around The World  Buffet offers a large variety of items for all tastes. There is a Latin station with a made to order fajita station and specialty chilies and salsa bar.  The BBQ station features  hickory smoked pulled pork, with all the fixins’.



The Mesa Buffet at the Casablanca Resort, Casion and Golf Spa offers an affordable brunch served with Mmosas, seafood dinners, New York Steak and crab legs.

Eureka Casino Resort  Buffet

The Eureka Casino Resort Buffet serves American, Mexican, BBQ, Italian, Mediterranean, Greek, Southern, Cajun, Asian and Seafood Cuisines and much, more. The buffet is accompanied by an elaborate dessert station with homemade donuts, crepes, and confections.

Flamingo (Laughlin)

The Paradise Garden Buffet serves up breakfast, American and global flavors and is known for it’s exceptional view of a wildlife habitat.

Gold Strike

The Bonanza Buffet is known for its crab leg dinner buffet, steamed lobster and offerings of pizza, sandwiches, jalapeno poppers, ice cream and Danishes.

Primm Valley

The Green’s Buffet features an affordable array of dishes from all over the world.

Railroad Pass

The Box Car Buffet serves up a variety of dishes from all over the world as well as shrimp and steak dinners.

Saddle West

The Silver Spur Buffet s known for its array of traditional American favorites and makes the best cheeseburger in Pahrump.

Virgin River

Sierra’s Buffet features an extensive selection of all-American dishes and a spacious, elegant atmosphere.

Whiskey Pete’s


The Wagon Wheel Buffet features a large array of affordable American favorites including, chicken,steak, hamburgers, hot dogs, soups and salads as well as cakes, cookies and pies for dessert.