Have you ever wanted to know what it feels like to shoot a couple rounds of ammo from a real machine gun? Maybe just to let out some pent-up anger as well? Well, in Vegas anything is possible and for a relatively low price, starting at around $100, you can shoot live machine guns in a safe controlled environment.

Machine Gun Vegas and Battlefield Vegas are two of the leading companies offering this unique “Rambo Experience”.  These services offer hundreds of different weapons with both indoor and outdoor shooting ranges. You can shoot hand guns and pistols, fully automatic rifles, and even sub-machine guns with belt feeds and .50 caliber bullets. Guns available include an Uzi, M16, AK47, M60, M249, Shotgun, Grenade Launcher, MG42 & even a huge Minigun (see videos below to watch some of them in action).


Battlefield Vegas Tank PackageThere are both indoor and outdoor packages. Want to drive a tank? How about driving a real Abrams military tank and using it to crush a car! Battlefield Vegas actually offers this as a premium package. However, the cost is over $2500 to live out this “freeway fantasy.”

There are some requirements needed before you can shoot anything.  Guests must have a Government issued ID. The minimum age to get in is only 10, but it is up to the staff to determine if a person can handle the equipment safely. Children may be limited in what guns they are allowed to shoot.

Both outfits have friendly staff that will teach you everything you need to know to fire some rounds, even if you never touched a gun in your life.

Ready to feel the power? Just visit Machine Gun Vegas or Battlefield Vegas to book a package.