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Bingo, or “Beano” as it was originally called, is a popular casino game for fun-seekers in Las Vegas and worldwide. To a large extent, bingo is a game of luck because players choose the numbers randomly. But to win, you’ll need special skills and strategies to beat the odds.

If you’re new to Bingo, stick around as we share a comprehensive guide to winning bingo and the best spots to flaunt your bingo skills on your Las Vegas trip.

What is Bingo?

Bingo is a game of chance where players match the numbers on their cards into different patterns. For example, you can win by arranging your numbers vertically, horizontally, and diagonally. But in American bingo, there are plenty of interesting patterns you can use to win.

The favored game in the US is 75-ball bingo, which is underrated and less complicated than the 90-ball variant. Here you can form diamonds, circles, arrows, and even alphabetical letters. But since you’ll be playing in a casino, the caller will announce a specific pattern for all the players.

The good news is that you can win cash from live and electronic bingo! Nothing says Vegas like playing thrilling games and winning cash prizes. So, why wouldn’t you launch the fun with the show-stopping BINGO cry?

How to Play Bingo 

In a standard bingo game, you’ll need a card and marker (or chips). Each card is divided into 25 boxes, numbered anywhere from 1 to 75. You’ll also notice that each box has a number that corresponds with the five letters at the top of the card. For example, B1, I28, N39, G55, and O62.

In the middle of the card, there’s a free space which is usually already marked. You don’t need to cover free spaces because they already count toward winning the game. However, some games exclude the free space to make you win the hard way!

At the start of a live game, a caller announces a specific pattern and the available prize. Then, he’ll start calling randomly generated numbers from an electronic generator or a cage of numbered balls. If he calls a number on your card, cover it or daub it with a marker. If you’re playing electronic bingo, the machine will usually search the called number for you.

The first person to form the specified pattern wins the game and takes the prize money. You’ll need to yell bingo as soon as you have it because it becomes invalid when the caller announces a new number. In the same way, any missed bingos become invalid when the caller drops the balls for the next game.

Bingo Odds

While bingo is a straightforward game, learning the odds can boost your chances of success. Here are the odds for common bingo patterns:

Single Line 

Single-line patterns are the easiest to win in bingo. On average, it takes 41.37 calls before there’s a winner.

Double Line 

When playing a double-line pattern, a player will win the game after 50 calls.

Four Corners 

The four-corner pattern is slightly more tricky than single or double lines, and there’s usually a winner after the 74th or 75th call.


Blackout bingo is the longest and most exciting pattern to complete! It takes 72.96 calls to produce a winner

Bingo Odds Based on Players

As a rule, more players and cards reduce your chances of winning. This is simply because your odds of winning are lower when more cards are in play. For instance, if 100 people are playing a single card, your chances are 1 in 100. However, if 10 people are playing a single card, the probability is 1 in 10.

In the same way, more players in the room equals a bigger jackpot since more tickets are sold. Therefore, playing in a smaller crowd increases your chances of winning but equals a smaller jackpot. If you’re keen on winning your first bingo game, you should play during off-peak hours, which is during weekdays. 

Bingo House Edge and Theoretical Advantage

The house edge is the casino’s advantage to make sure they make a profit from each game. So, casino odds aren’t true odds since the casino is applying a theoretical advantage. That being said, the house edge ranges between 2.5% and 11%.

The lower the house edge, the more returns you will get on your bet. So, knowing the casino’s house edge will help you figure out your cut if you win. Here’s the formula:

Total tickets x ticket price = jackpot

Jackpot – (jackpot x house edge) =  your cut

For example:

100 tickets x $4 = $400 jackpot

If the house edge is 2.5%, then

400 – (400 x 2.5%)  = 390 

Your cut is $390.

How to Win Bingo: Secret Tips From an Expert

Bingo relies heavily on probability, but there are still some strategies you can use to boost your chances of winning. We are going to explore some tactics in this fun gambling game.

Look Out for The Number Distribution

When predicting a bingo game with number distribution, you can choose Tippett’s method or Granville’s method. Here’s how each method works:

Granville’s Method

This method was created by Joseph E. Granville, a financial writer and analyst. It assumes that the caller will announce an equal number of even and odd, high and low, and numbers ending with 1,2,3,4,5,6, According to this theory, you should aim for a balance between even and odd, and high and low numbers when picking your bingo cards.

Granville also noticed a pattern with numbers ending in 1,2,3,4,5,6, For example, if the caller announces a figure ending in 3, such as 33, the next figure will likely end in another number. 

Tippet’s Method

Tippet’s method is named after L.H.C Tippett and centers specifically on 75-ball bingo. It states that during longer games, the announcer usually calls numbers that hover around the median. In 75-ball bingo, the median number is 38. On the other hand, Tippet states that shorter games are likely to call numbers close to 1 and 75. 

So, if you’re following Tippet’s method, the length of your game will determine your choice of bingo cards. For example, if the pattern is short and simple like a vertical line, you’ll choose cards with numbers close to 1 and 75. But, if you’re dealing with more complex patterns like a blackout, you should choose cards with numbers around the median.

Keep in mind that no strategy can predict a bingo win, but these methods are fun and witty ways to give yourself an edge!

The More Cards, The Better

This principle is pretty straightforward. The more bingo cards you play, the higher your chances of a winning pattern. But while it is simple, it requires more attention to manage the increased number of cards.

For example, more cards will mean more numbers to choose wisely, especially if you use Tippett or Granville’s method. It also means you’ll be watching more patterns as you play so it might overwhelm a first-timer. The key is to plan your bankroll to avoid exceeding it as you play.

If you have the time and bankroll for it, the more the merrier.

Skip The Progressive Bets

Progressive or side bets can be a fun way to win cash on a quick gamble, but the odds aren’t usually in your favor. For instance, if you’re playing the blackout pattern, your chances of completing the card are meager if the caller announces less than 47 numbers. Plus, most bingo games have a winner after the caller announces 20 balls.

Pro tip: Playing online bingo is a great way to build confidence before your first online game. You get to prepare by testing winning strategies and have fun while playing with real people!

Bingo Terminology for Beginners

Admission pack: An admission pack is the minimum number of bingo cards you must buy before playing the game. Admission packs usually contain six to twelve cards, but the exact number depends on the casino.

Auto-daub: Auto-daub is a function in electronic machines that automatically marks the called numbers after the caller announces them.

Bankroll: Your bankroll simply means the amount of money you set aside for a bingo session.

Blackout: Blackout, or coverall, is a bingo pattern where you cover all 25 spaces on your bingo card to win. 

Cash ball: Cash ball is a type of progressive jackpot that awards the player who completes a bingo with the cash ball number. The caller usually picks the cash ball randomly at the beginning of the game.

Hardway bingo: Hardway bingo is a type of bingo that excludes the free space. So, you’ll need to complete your pattern without using the free space.

Hotball: In bingo, the hotball is usually the first number called during the session. If a player calls bingo on this number, they win an additional prize.

Jackpot: The jackpot is the largest possible prize for a particular bingo game.

Progressive bet: A progressive bet has a prize that increases over time if no one wins. So, the prize increases each time it is carried over to the next game.

Split pot: Split pot is a bingo game where the winner splits the prize with the house. The percentage usually varies by casino.

Where to Play Bingo in Las Vegas

Las Vegas will bring you the best bingo experience, even as a beginner. The city loves its bingo, which is why travelers never have to worry about finding a good spot. But you should also know that there aren’t any live bingo spots on the strip.

One of the best bingo halls is at the Plaza Hotel and Casino. One of the reasons it is popular is its extensive hall that seats over 280 people. They host six daily sessions at 11 am, 1 pm, 3 pm, 5 pm, and 9 pm. So there’s always a fun crown and lots of action!

However, there are still many bingo halls all over Las Vegas, like Sam’s Town, South Point, and Jerry’s Nugget. Some other must-try spots include the halls at Boulder Station, Red Rock, and Gold Coast. If smoking helps ease your nerves, you should visit the Suncoast Hotel and Casino and lounge at the 98-seat smoking area. Winners at Suncoast have also taken home $88,218 in Double Daub and up to $21,800 in coverall winnings.

Why not add the thrill of bingo to your next Las Vegas trip? Join a crowd in anticipation of the caller’s voice or settle in for a fun session of electronic bingo. Grab your dauber and let’s win some money!