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If you have a website, or even just a social media page, like Facebook or twitter, that you feel is targeted for Las Vegas travel, then we encourage you to apply and join one of the fastest growing Las Vegas travel sites on the web.  If you don’t have a website and work as a travel agent, you can still work as an affiliate by using our tracking links in your browser. We can provide you with a booking system and great content that far exceeds most other conversion rates. In fact, we book more than twice as many hotels (for a given amount of traffic) as the other “big players.” The reason is simple and has to do with our extremely competitive pricing, special negotiated offers, low overhead, expertise in Las Vegas, and focus on quality. We also have an excellent tiered commission structure that starts at 6% commission.

Why Join Our Program?

  • – Our site has more than twice the industry standard for hotel sale conversions. This means you will on average make twice as much with Las Vegas Direct for the same amount of traffic than you would with most other general travel affiliate programs. Our extremely competitive pricing and the focused nature of our site makes this possible. If you have a travel website, or have just have been thinking about developing one, then we are offering you an excellent business opportunity.
  • – Las Vegas Direct has been around since 1998 and is a brand that people have grown to trust for lowest rates and quality service.
  • – We are ranked as one of the top Las Vegas reservation sites on the internet. In addition, Las Vegas is one of the top vacation destinations in the world.
  • – Our rates come from many different sources, which means we can pick and choose the lowest rates. More sources also mean more availability. All this contributes to our high booking conversion rate.
  • – Low overhead. We don’t have affiliate management companies and deal directly with affiliates, which means we can share all the revenue with you.
  • – Adding us to existing booking links will increase sales, since we are a great resource that many people may not have checked before when comparing prices (we don’t advertise much and rely mostly on great rates and word-of-mouth to bring in customers). Statistically, visitors will shop a dozen or more different sites before making a booking decision, so the odds go way up when you have more unique sources for them to choose. Focused city-specific sites convert much higher than generic travel sites.
  • – No exclusive contracts. Unlike many other travel sites, we don’t have any minimum length or exclusivity contracts. If you don’t see good results, you are under no obligation to keep the links running. You can combine us with your existing travel programs. Add links to our content pages to provide your customers with free Vegas content, such as the best hotels, best dining, and much more (our cookie tracking system gives you credit if they book a room using our inventory within 30 days of the visit). The program is 100 percent FREE to join.
  • – Full XML integration available with qualifying sales traffic volume. Let us power your reservation system behind the scenes.
  • – Unique search system maximizes hotel bookings and revenue.
  • – We provide support by Las Vegas experts. Customers feel confident when booking with us that full support is available when needed.
  • – Our affiliate program offers a 30-day cookie, so you make a commission if you send someone to our site even if they leave and book another hotel room up to 30 days later. This is a unique benefit not offered by many sites. Our cookie tracking feature provides a significant increase in affiliate revenue as most customers shop around on many sites before they book a room.