Las Vegas Direct Customer Care FAQ  

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Who do I contact for help with a New Reservation?

Who do I contact for help with an Existing Reservation?

Where do I find the phone number of a hotel?

I did not receive an email confirmation. What should I do?

Is it safe to book a room online?

What happens if I decide to cancel a reservation?

How will I receive my reservation?

When will my credit card be charged?

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Air/Hotel Vacation Packages

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Hotel Resort Fees

Other FAQs


Who do I contact for help with a New Reservation?

Please call 1-888-ME-VEGAS (1-888-638-3427) for assistance. Local or international callers should dial 1-702-425-7580. After you call PRESS 1 to book Hotel-Only, PRESS 2 for Air/Hotel/Car Vacation Packages. You can also contact us via live chat or by completing the support form on the customer support page and we will respond back as soon as possible (usually within a few hours). Visit customer support page.

Who do I contact for help with an existing reservations?

If this is regarding an existing reservation, please contact the number listed on your reservation email confirmation. This will put you in touch with the best department to most quickly answer your customer support questions. You can also use our online self-service form to lookup a hotel-only reservation in order to confirm, email a copy, or cancel it. If you don't have a contact number and need to speak with an agent, you can use the following guide based on your confirmation number or type of reservation booked with us:

If you cannot get your issue resolved using the listed sources, please contact us via live chat, phone, or by completing the support form on the customer support page and we will respond back as soon as possible (usually within a few hours). Visit customer support page. You can also call the hotel directly to find out how your reservation was booked. They can then direct you to the correct phone number. A list of hotel phone numbers can be found here.

Hotel-Only Booking Support for Existing Confirmations:

Please Supply 11 digit trip itinerary number for a hotel-only booking
starting with a '1' (example: 10482848382). Call 1-877-477-7441. 24 hour assistance. 7 days a week.

Use Promo code. 310355

If you need to contact the hotel you booked with, please see our
hotel phone number directory for a complete list of contact numbers.

Air/Hotel Vacation Packages

Contact the number listed on your confirmation for 24 hour assistance.

Visit our airline directory to contact a specific airline.

Ticket Broker Show Ticket Reservations

Tour Packages


I did not receive an email confirmation. What should I do?

There are several reason why an email confirmation may not have been received.

- Check your junk email folder or deleted email folder. Your email system may have incorrectly marked the confirmation as junk e-mail (spam).

- If you know your confirmation number, you can use our
online self-service form form to retrieve your reservation. This is only for hotel-only reservations.

- You specified an incorrect email address. Please
contact us and include as much information as you can, such as the guest names and the hotel you booked at. We will then lookup your reservation and resend it to you within 24 hours.

- The reservation may have been declined. You should see a success confirmation page after a bookings. The confirmation page also presents you with a booking ID number. If you don't see this page, the reservation may not have been successful. Please
 contact us  to resolve any issues you may have. If your connection is lost after waiting for a confirmation result, be sure to check your email for a confirmation. Your connection may have gone down during a booking, but we may have still successfully processed the request.

Finally, please be aware that all our reservations are electronic, so you don't really need to bring anything with you to check-in to a hotel or get your air/hotel tickets. All that is needed is a valid photo identification of the listed guest on the reservation. The email confirmation is mostly for your own benefit. You can contact the hotel to verify a booking. Please allow a few hours of time after booking a reservation before contacting a hotel, since in some cases the reservation must be physically faxed over to them by a travel agent (depends on hotel policy).  If the hotel does not have a record of the reservation, you should
 contact us to resolve the problem.


Is it safe to book a room online?

Book Online Safely and Securely:
Your security and privacy are of the highest importance to us and are backed by our
Privacy Policy. We do not sell your personal information and have no intention of doing so in the future.
  We use full 128 bit Verisign encryption when sending your billing information. The seal on the right verifies that this site is a VeriSign Secure Site.

BBBOnLine Reliability SealWe are also a member of the Better Business Bureau and a part of their online click-to-check program. We have received one of their highest ratings (AA). You can click on the above link to verify our status. We have been in business since 1999, so you can trust us with full confidence.

Finally, you have full customer support to help you out. We can be reached via online chat or email using the above link, or by calling us at 1-888-ME-VEGAS. If you prefer to book your trip by phone we are more than happy to assist you.

What happens if I decide to cancel the reservation?

The specific cancellation policy will vary based on hotel, and is listed on the hotel booking page when you are ready to enter your credit card. In general, there is usually a $25 cancellation fee. Cancellations made prior to 7 days of arrival may impose a first night room charge.


How will I receive my reservation?

All confirmations are done electronically. You will receive an email confirmation. The confirmation is for your own record, but is not needed to actually check-in to a hotel. You will need to present valid identification when you arrive at your hotel. You can also call the hotel you are booking with to verify a reservation. It may take up to 24 hours before a hotel enters your reservation into their system. However, you are fully confirmed as soon as we process your request. You can also contact us if you have any questions about a reservation. When you book a hotel with us we will do our best to help you out if any issues surface between you and the hotel. We are here to help you along every step of the way!

When will my credit card be charged?  

Hotels booked using our green "book it" button, normally get charged to your credit card as soon as you submit your request. If this is not the case, it will say so when you go to book. For all other hotel-only bookings, you will only be charged the full amount when you check-out of the hotel. Some hotels may charge for the first night, depending on their policy. Vacation packages are charged in advanced as soon as you book the air/hotel reservation. Extra guests above the standard two adults per room may also be charged separately by the hotel. Please look at the specific policy listing on the check-out page.


Group Bookings

If you have a large group of people and need to book many rooms, please
contact us for assistance. Contrary to popular belief, group rates are almost always higher than individual room bookings, since the hotel will see it as more work for them and they could most likely sell the rooms anyway without your business. The only exception would be if you are booking a huge number of rooms (100+ rooms). You can get the best "group rate" by just booking the rooms multiple times online yourself at However, you run the risk of the hotel running out of rooms, since the number of available hotel rooms will be changing each time you submit a request. Of course you still will have the option of calling the hotel to book the remaining rooms at their prevailing rate if we happen to run out of discount rooms. When you get to the hotel you would then give them all the reservations at once and they will do their best to put you all as close together as possible.


If you need to book a flight, we have a wide selection of discount Las Vegas air travel options. See:
Air-Only Booking Form  We also have combined Air/Hotel packages that can save you a significant amount of money by booking things together.

Air/Hotel Vacation Packages

We offer discount air/hotel vacation packages that include air travel, hotel, shows, car rental, and more. Please see Air/Hotel Packages to book a vacation.

Las Vegas Show Tickets

Las Vegas Direct offers many different Las Vegas show tickets and attractions at discount prices which can be purchased in advanced. See: Las Vegas Shows

Las Vegas Club Passes

We offer club and pool passes. These passes give you access to a large variety of Vegas clubs and pool parties for one low price. They are purchased for the day you plan to use them and are only valid for that day. Also, they never expire, which means you can use them at a later date if you can't make the original date you purchased. However, they can only be used one time. Please see our Vegas Club Guide to view them.

Resort Fees

Some Las Vegas hotels now charge resorts fees. They are not part of the final total listed on your reservation and collected directly by the hotel at check-out. Resort fees often cover features you will want to have, such as wireless internet access, 800 number calls, fitness center access, newspapers, bottled water, etc. You cannot opt-out of paying them. The amount of a resort fee is the same if you book directly with the hotel, or through any online travel site, including ours. Here is a list of hotel resort fees and what it includes. See: Las Vegas Resort Fees

Other FAQs
How will I get to the hotel once I arrive at the airport?
You can take a taxi or shuttle to your hotel. They are very easy to find and should get you to your hotel in about 10-20 minutes. Most people don't need a car when in Las Vegas unless you plan to take side trips.

From McCarren Airport the approximate taxi fares are as follows:
South Strip (Luxor, Mandalay, Tropicana)--$12.50-$15.00
Center Strip (Caesars, Mirage, Harrah's)--$14.00-$17.00
Downtown Area--$20.00-$24.00
*Note-The above rates are per car load (up to 5 passengers) not per person.

Do the hotels charge extra for kids to stay in a room?
Most hotels do not charge extra for young children. Some hotels, like Circus Circus, do not charge extra for anyone 17 or under. The specific policy and cost will be listed on the check-out page under "number of guests staying in this room." You will see the policy and extra costs, if any.

Can I have more than 4 adults in a room?

Most hotels only allow a maximum of 4 adults per room. You will need to book another room if you plan on having more adults. The definition of an "adult" is listed on the check-out page and is different for each hotel. If a hotel allows allows more then 4 adults per room it will say it on the booking page. Otherwise, only 4 is assumed. Some hotels also allow you to add a roll-away bed (may be an extra fee), so you can have 3 beds in the room. Be sure to check with the hotel first if you plan on having more the 4 guests or need 3 beds, since not all hotels have the space to allow this option.

How do I pick a hotel that is right for me?
Our unique reservation system offer lots of assistance. You can use our "best of" lists on the right side of a search to tell you which hotels are best for specific areas, such as pools, dining, shows, value, etc. and it also tells you the price and availability. Another way to pick a hotel is to use our map located on the Las Vegas Direct home page. With it you can find a hotel based on location. Finally, you can contact one of our support agents for assistance in finding that perfect hotel to meet your needs.

How do I know if you are giving me a good price?
We encourage you to shop and compare. You won't find many sites who tell you this, but we can because we are so confident in our low rates. We deal with many of the top online hotel companies, such as Travelocity and Expedia, and also have access to many more sources for getting hotels, including the hotels themselves and special last-minute discounted rooms. Because of this we can pick and chose the absolute lowest price we have available when you book with us. We also deal in very high volume, so we get great rates because of it.

When will the hotel get my confirmation?
Once you book a room, your reservation gets scheduled to be sent to the hotel. This normally takes a couple hours. Some hotels require the information to be faxed to them, so this may take up to 12 hours. If you plan on checking-in to a hotel room within 12 hours of booking, you may need to contact the support number listed on your confirmation email to have them expedite the confirmation. Please check with the hotel first, since in most cases confirmation is sent to them within a few hours of booking.

Do you take international credit cards?
Yes, we accept international credit cards. You will be charged in your own currency based on the exchange rate against the U.S. dollar. When booking a vacation package you need to specify that this is an international purchase when you get to the checkout page. This will remove the U.S. postal code requirement. If this is a hotel-only purchase, just ignore any fields that are U.S./Canada specific, such as state and postal codes.