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Will resort fees be removed temporarily for covid specials?
I hope so vegas needs to do all they can to get people to come back, so dropping the resort fees and parking fees would help, one reason why my husband and I quit going , is because of all the fees

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I think there should be free parking, and no hidden or so called resort Fee's anywhere. Make it one price all included.
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The hotels will be doing a lot to get business back once things open up again, but don't yet have any specific offers. We will suggest waiving resort and parking fees to them, which sounds like a great idea. As soon as we get offers we will promote them on Las Vegas Direct.

The hotel rates now are very good for this time of year. Also, if you book a room after April they will allow you to cancel up to the day of your stay for free at most of the major hotels.

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For the foreseeable future, the major hotel groups, like MGM Resorts and Caesars have made self parking 100% free! We hope they do the same for resort fees.