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  • Stay Healthy While on Vacation

    There is nothing worse than getting sick on you vacation. While nothing is 100% foolproof, there are some tips to keep you healthy during your trip.

    1.) Eat some ginger to cure motion sickness. This is one of the best natural cures and works fast. Fresh ginger is best (just put a slice in your month and chew it slowly). However, you can also use ginger powder or ginger mints

    2.) Wash your hands as often as possible. This is the single most important thing you can do as a way of staying healthy. Most germs that cause sickness start off on your hands as you touch things with them. Washing them from your hands will stop them from making you sick. You can also use antibacterial lotions, but they are not as effective as plain soap and water. When drying your hands, go with paper towels if they are available. Those air dryers, while better for the environment, are not as good in removing germs.

    3.) Drink lots of water. With all the excitement and activity with travel, we often forget to drink water. When you don't have enough water your body will be stressed and not in optimal health to fight off illness.

    4.) Take a vitamin supplement. You are probably not going to be eating as healthy while traveling, so a supplement can help. While we tend to indulge when on vacation, you should still try to work in some healthy fruits and vegetables on your plate. As a bonus, you will discover that fruits and veggies prepared by good restaurants can be very tasty too and worth the experience.

    5.) Don't over do it. Don't pick up things that are too heavy, walk more than you are used to, or do any activity that puts you under more stress than you are ready to take on. This can lead to muscle injuries that you can easily avoid.

    6.) Get enough sleep. Vacations should be a time to sleep in when possible. Your body will not have the best immune system if it is lacking sleep.

    7.) Go easy on the alcohol. Excessive binge drinking can lower your immune system and make you more prone to getting sick. However, moderate drinking is fine.

    8.) Relax. You want to stay as relaxed as possible. Stress is a huge contributor that lowers your immune system. The whole point of a vacation is to get rest and relaxation, but many people will get stressed by trying to do too many activities. There is always another trip to do and see more things. Do things at a relaxed pace and you will stay healthier.
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