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The Bliss of Failure

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  • The Bliss of Failure

    We all fail. Period. What often separates those who overcome it may surprise you. Knowing how to deal with failure is often much more important than learning to be successful, since it can be a major roadblock to achieving success. We have all heard the familiar cliche's on how to deal with it, like dust yourself off and try again. It all sounds good, but what if we looked at things another way that may be more practical. Imagine that you failed at something you really wanted. However, also pretend that instead of beating yourself up over it and promising to try harder, you just stopped and accepted it.

    Lets go even a step further and say you will actually enjoy this feeling of failure. The bliss of total relaxation that comes with acceptance. Without acceptance we cannot move forward. When you just let go and say, "I failed," in a peaceful serene manner, you allow yourself to feel calm about. You don't want to wallow in sorry, but just feel like you don't have the worries that came with whatever you wanted to achieve. The key is to get in a state of acceptance about it. Without that you will be limiting your true future success.

    Once you are relaxed and enjoying the peace that comes with accepting your failure, you will be in a mindful state to actually succeed the most at whatever you want. It also puts you in a position to take better advantage of new doors that may open for you which you might otherwise miss by stressing over from your failure. The key is to not get trapped in the success/failure stress loop. We cannot change the past, so fretting over something you failed at will do nothing. You learned your lesson, so move on. Failure is life's best teacher, but you must learn to use it properly. Using the situation to feel peace and mindfulness will lead to a surprising path of ultimate achievement in what you failed at previously, or perhaps a brand new path of exploration.
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