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(Not) Lucky #13 TR 3-8 Nov

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  • (Not) Lucky #13 TR 3-8 Nov

    This is the trip that almost wasn’t. The day before I left for Vegas a burglar kicked in the front door of our house and walked in on my wife who was sleeping in the bedroom. She screamed. He ran. The rest of the day was a myriad of thoughts about whether to cancel our plans.

    In the end my bride insisted I go and not let some a-hole ruin my vacation. She was headed up for 3 nights in Biloxi so would not be staying at home. I have already arranged for a new, more secure door in both the front and back of the house, and set up installation of a home security system which will soon be installed.

    Thursday, 3 November

    The flight from Pensacola to Dallas/Ft Worth was fine. Then the trouble started. Flight was delayed for over an hour and when we arrived in Vegas there was no power to the jetway so we had to change gates.

    The limo driver was there in baggage waiting patiently. Drove to Orleans in style and checked in very quickly. After unpacking I played for a few hours before heading over to Harrah’s to check into my other room for 3 nights. I was giving this room to one of my high school classmates, one of the few who were meeting for another, final 40 year reunion.

    On the way up the strip saw a myriad of characters dressed up in the hopes of posing for photo for tips. Best sighting was Pee Wee Herman in his signature suit and red bow tie.

    After checking in I played some at Harrah’s VP bars and just got killed. I was thinking about staying here the first night as my friends weren’t coming in until the next day, but the lousy gambling odds and crowds of people made me rethink the whole idea. I knew I’d be much happier at Orleans.

    Returned to Orleans via the free shuttle and was ready for a bite to eat. Had my traditional first meal at Big Al’s Oyster bar. Enjoyed a shrimp cocktail, a cup of New England clam chowder, and some warm bread. Very tasty and all taken care of by my $25 food credit.

    Went back to gambling and was still not having much luck. My favorite bartender, Luis, took good care of me as I played. Bounced from VP bar to VP bar. Enjoyed the live band at the Piano bar as they cranked out the tunes.

    Unfortunately I couldn’t crank out a win and ended up down about $600 before I hit the rack at 1 am.

    Friday, 4 November

    I was up and at ‘em at 6 am. Another tradition I have is to hit up the Lion’s Share progressive at MGM. This infamous progressive has been the stuff of legend for years. The Nevada Gaming Commission requires a progressive machine to pay off at least once before a casino can yank the machines off the casinos floor.

    So, MGM took all of the Lion’s Share machines out except for one. It sits nestled between other, nondescript machines. A player will have to seek it out specifically as it tends to get moved from time to time. This time it had been moved again, but not far from its last location.

    I popped in $21 to play the 3 coin progressive and in a few short minutes I had won the 2.4 million dollar jackpot. Well, I wish I had won the 2.4 million dollar jackpot. I also took a shot at the Megabucks jackpot and sadly, did not win on it either so it’s back to work for me next week.

    I decided to do a bloody mary tour starting with MGM since I was already there. Enjoyed a great bloody mary at the VP bar and of course lost my buy-in.

    Moved on to NYNY where they had one of the most unique and delicious tasting bloody marys I’ve ever had. Onward to Monte Carlo, Cosmo, Bellagio, and Bill’s, losing all the way, before heading back to Orleans on the shuttle.

    Was feeling pretty down with all the losing but had the hungries again so I stopped in the Courtyard Café for a patty melt and coleslaw that was pretty good.

    I had arranged to meet rambler and his wife and while I was waiting I got a call from Dewey who wanted to meet as well. So I sat and did what I do best (lose) while waiting for them to show up.

    Rambler and his wife Irisheyes showed up and we talked for a while and got to know each other. Dewey showed up and we talked for quite awhile which kept me from playing which helped save me money. We finally parted ways and I returned to the room for more cash.

    Looking out my window I had never seen a darker sky in Vegas. Snapped a few shots which came out pretty good if I do say so myself.

    Another tradition for me is to always have some Mexican food while in Vegas. Don Miguel’s used to be my favorite but it has been renamed to Coasta Canteena. It’s darker than before but the food seems to be pretty much the same. I had the chimichanga and it was as good as it always had been.

    Played some slots since VP was treating me so horribly. Tried an old favorite, My Rich Uncle, and while it played me a long time I ultimately lost my buy-in. Sigh.

    Headed back to Harrah’s to meet some classmates. They wanted to give me a lift back to Orleans so we headed that way and got a bite at the Courtyard Café. I was still full but had banana cream pie and coffee. Quite good.

    They were all tired so they headed back to Harrah’s. After that I was on my own and finally started to win some of my money back with four queens on Bonus Poker Deluxe.

    Off to bed at 3:30am.

    Saturday, 5 November

    Got up around 7:45 am. I was hungry and on my own until 12:30 when I was supposed to meet a Vegas friend from the board. Got some coffee and played the triple play Double Bonus VP progressive for awhile.

    I had no luck but the woman next to me got 4 to the royal and it filled in on the second line for a nice win for her. I bounced from bar to bar and after some losing and bloody marys I hit a nice straight flush to bring me back even for the day.

    About 11:30 I headed for the strip. I was meeting Jaqui from one of the many Vegas forums I belong to at the Paris Diamond Lounge at 12:30. Grabbed the shuttle and off I went.

    Stopped into Bally’s for a bloody mary and some VP. I never, ever, ever, win at Bally’s. When I was down to my last 1.25 I hit 4 queens on Bonus Poker Deluxe for $100. I was shocked.

    Met Jaqui at the Diamond Lounge at Paris. Now I’ve never been in a Diamond Lounge and this was great fun for me. Sal the bartender made me two OUTSTANDING bloody marys with Absolute Vodka. Then I got creative and asked him to make me something ‘special’ with Crown Royal. He made me a drink called a Royal Flush and, unfortunately, it was way too sweet for me. Changed it out for a Crown Royal Manhattan on the rocks and I was a happy camper. Ate some great munchies and had a photo taken with Jaqui before heading back to Orleans. Thanks Jaqui!

    On the way back to Bill’s to pick up the shuttle I found a Double Diamond quarter machine in Bally’s so I sat down to play and finish my Manhattan. What do you know I hit two diamonds and a double bar for a nice $100 win. My strip curse is officially over!

    Headed back to Bill’s and caught the shuttle. While it is pretty cool outside standing against the wall of Bill’s intensifies the sunlight. I, along with my fellow awaiting passengers were busting a sweat by the time the shuttle arrived.

    Back at Orleans I chucked my jacket in the room and played while waiting for one of my classmates to call. The plan was to hit Fitzgerald’s then head to Venetian for some Italian food at Canaletto’s. Stopped back at Harrah’s and while my friends got ready I walked around the casino. It was crazy crowded. Even the VP bars were packed. I ended up running a 20 through and then just waited in the lobby.

    Went to Fitzgerald’s’ and had some luck at VP catching four 6s on DDB VP. Walked out about 40 bucks ahead.

    As I said dinner was at Canaletto’s at the Venetian. I had the special with Ravioli stuffed with cheese and sausage. It was good, but there just wasn’t enough of it. I could have eaten another plateful. Almost everyone felt pretty much the same about the lack of portion size so we stopped for a gelato just across the way in the shopping area. I had a white-chocolate espresso which was really good.

    It was already nearly 11 pm and everyone was tired so headed back to Orleans where I finally got in some serious play. It helped that we had to push the clocks back and I had an extra hour to play this evening. Lost a few hundred but had a blast and many Crowns!

    Off to bed about 2:30 am.

    Sunday, 6 November

    Up at the crack of 7 am, as usual. Today is brunch at Bellagio so I got ready and started the day with some Triple Play VP and coffee.

    Quickly switched to bloody marys, of course, and played a bit more before catching the first shuttle to the strip. Had an excellent bloody mary at Flamingo at Bugsy’s bar and then moved on to Imperial Palace. My money always goes quick here. At least at Flamingo I had some play for my money.

    Met up with friends at Harrah’s and checked out of my comped room. Didn’t spend much time in the room or play much there either. It is not my favorite place and although the room was decent, I don’t think I’ll take a room here again. The casino is always crowded and bar service is spotty.

    Headed over to Bellagio and the line for the buffet stretched to Terre Haute. It took a good 45 minutes to get through it. Once seated though the diet was put on hold as we gorged ourselves on delicacies.

    Started out with a fantastic ‘garbage pail’ omelet, bacon, eggs benedict, beefsteak, breakfast pizza, then moved on to fruit, éclairs, cookies, and assorted other goodies. The coffee was the best I’ve ever had at a buffet. We stayed a full 3 hours and to say I was uncomfortably full when we left would be an understatement.

    We toured the conservatory and checked out the chocolate fountain. After that we parted ways and hope to meet up again soon.

    I headed back to Orleans and started losing again. I was so full that I don’t think I’ll eat another thing today.

    I pulled my first all nighter. I hadn’t gambled as much as I usually do and even though I was losing at every turn I was jonesing for some play. I did have a good run at roulette about 4 in the morning when there was finally no one at the table. I played my 2 slices of the wheel and turned $100 into $300 over a period of 2 hours. It was great fun and since I was the cocktail waitresses only customer I was kept well lubricated.

    About 6 am I was playing at the Alligator bar and this big black woman came up and started chatting me up. She said she could show me a good time. Of that I had no doubt. Simultaneously, I hit for over 200 on keno. She said I’d have to win a bit more for her to show me a ‘really’ good time. Good thing it was a small win! I cashed out and ran!

    Didn’t go to bed until 7:30 am. My bankroll is now gone so it’s time to hit up the ATM.

    Monday, 7 November

    I woke up at 11:30 am and thought about hitting the strip and then said ‘nah’.

    Decided to just do some beers and bloody marys and fool around. Tried keno but no joy.

    Breakfast was a hot dog at the sports bar. Now don’t discount this as insignificant. The $1.50 hot dogs at the Orleans sports bar should be a separate food group. They are fantastic! They offer all the condiments you’d normally expect. I loaded mine up with onions, mustard, relish, and slaw. As usual I plopped myself down at the Mardi Gras bar and ordered up a beer; Heineken this time around. Proceeded to play keno with no joy but certainly enjoyed that dog!

    Knowing this was my last night I played hard and drank hard. Checked with my host and all charges were comped. Certainly seems to happen more often when I’ve had a losing trip, and this was one of the worst!

    I asked my host if I had enough credit for a last supper at the Prime Rib Loft. Of course I did. She wrote me a $40 comp and off I went for my last non-diet meal. Enjoyed some prime rib with a loaded baked potato and a salad, plus some warm sourdough bread. It was glorious and went well with my Crown Royal Manhattan.

    By 10 pm I had to go to bed. Stopped by Baskin and Robbins for a capuchinno ice cream to top off the night. Got a wakeup call set and hit the rack. Another trip in the books.

    Tuesday, 9 November

    I was up at 4 am without the wakeup call. Got packed up and hit the Courtyard Café for one more breakfast, then played for about 20 minutes and enjoyed a final bloody mary. Bittersweet.

    Grabbed a cab to the airport and checked in. My Travelocity itinerary stated an 8:35 am departure time. Since I’m an incessant early bird I arrive at the gate over an hour early to find that the flight was actually departing at 7:35 am. What? If I hadn’t showed up early I would have missed my flight. I contacted Travelocity when I returned but all they said was flight times change and I should check their information a day before. This has never happened to me and I will certainly take different steps in the future. Scary.

    I took very few photos. Perhaps it was my less than festive mood after the break in at the house the day before I left. What few I did take can be seen here:

    Thanks for reading. I know this was a much more subdued report than I normally post but I just wasn’t feeling it this trip. Better luck next time, eh?

    Oh, I gained 5 pounds. Back to the workouts!