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Best Way Eat Crab Legs

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  • Best Way Eat Crab Legs

    I'm looking for help on the best way to eat crab legs at buffets. I saw this video that shows a way using a steak knife. Does anyone have a better way?

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    I'll need to give that method a try on my next buffet trip

    In my opinion, it is best to just go to a buffet with crab legs that are pre-sliced. I think places like Wynn, Bellagio, and Mandalay Bay have them already opened up. However, maybe it dries out the crab legs if they have been sitting too long?

    I just use the "fork method" to break crab legs open and think it works better than a crab cracker. I take the bottom prong of a fork and stick it in the open end of a crab leg. Next, push the fork down so the prong cracks the leg from the inside and just work your way up the crab leg eating the delicious meat as you go. With claws I still need to use a cracker unless it is thin enough to use a fork.