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The Ruins of Las Vegas

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  • The Ruins of Las Vegas

    "Ruins of Las Vegas" via YouTube
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    Las Vegas has always portrayed as having a lot of opulence and wealth. But in recent years, this seems to be more of a marketing ploy than the true culture of the city. Homes and hotels have increasingly become abandoned by their owners, and many new construction projects have been halted before completion. As a city with such a distinct history and narrative, one might begin to wonder if we have outgrown the super-consumption lifestyle that Las Vegas represents. Does that make Las Vegas America’s ruins?

    What do you think?

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    Re: The Ruins of Las Vegas

    I agree to an that vegas is going downhill but i think it is headed for better times that have the flavor of the earlier Las Vegas years. I worked on the strip for a few years and most people get lost and get taken advantage of. Not to mention they feel everything is way over priced. I hope this opinion of mine takes root because i won't even go down to the strip anymore. I prefer to hang out in the off strip joints. More of a local feel and a bit more laid back.

    Jason L
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      I agree and feel Vegas is getting better with new hotels finally getting under construction.