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    Las Vegas Taxi Industry- A Discipline of Serfdom

    Taxi drivers in Las Vegas are not slaves, but we know from the Jim Crow era that governments and their approved business monopolies can create loopholes in laws that take advantage of the fact that people need to work for a living. Tyranny and oppression exists in the Vegas taxi system; drivers are monitored and regulated excessively and punished for what is a trivial and non-existent infraction in other parts of the country.
    The government says “Long-riding” is theft; but the government is robbing the Vegas taxi drivers by not allowing any form of “Owner-operatorship” and “Free enterprise”, which is the fairest and most humane system in the world. The current taxi system is a mirror image of Communism; government controls every aspect of industry; they create a façade of free enterprise by limiting the number of business owners. Those few owners are obligated to political and monetary subterfuge.

    Stopping taxicabs in the tunnel while driver is with a customer is intimidating to the customer and the driver. If long-riding must be addressed by the government then let them use undercover officers as passengers and remove the innocent passenger from the line of fire. The current tactic is illegal, immoral, unjust and ungodly. Putting passengers at risk is very wrong. ALL IT TAKES IS ONE DRIVER TO COME OUT SHOOTING AND PASSENGERS WOULD BE IN HARM.

    A little undercover work would allow the officers to practice the art and allow them to personalize the crime. Fending off tricky probes by the illegal driver would allow the TA officers to validate the full extent of corruption; which is something the camera can never do alone.

    The definition of a servant can vary to some degree; the most acceptable nowadays is “Someone that performs work for other people.” However it hardly does the job justice, as in the case of the taxicab industry in Las Vegas.
    Drivers are only average men and women and in need of a job. The government won’t allow them the same rights of business ownership as the small monopoly of greedy corrupt business owners that control Las Vegas.

    The consequence is we work for the “Master” in a system that has some similarity with humans functioning like greyhound dogs on a race track. The job requirements maintain strict discipline and control over every minute of our lives inside the taxicab. If you fail to write the time you picked up a customer then you will be punished with a fine. If you take the longer route because you know it’s faster and more convenient then you will be fined.

    The TA spends the entire day and night looking for the slightest violations and will stop your cab without any observable violation. They cite state laws that allow them to rule over drivers like…..I’ll avoid the inflammatory speech.
    Cab drivers in Vegas are the new Serfs; a lower caste system of useless misfits that are not “Real” Americans. Only immigrants and inferior minded men will accept this kind of work. The government knows they have a good game; fines are paid directly to the TA officer’s salary and outside law enforcement only echo’s the feigned necessity of the infractions.

    Granted the trip sheet must be filled. In ancient times the trip log was a way to protect the driver and company. In the modern world the trip sheet was long ago replaced with the lease system; which allows the driver to not be obligated to the meter. Any fare disputes between customer and driver can be settled simply by offering a flat rate.

    One of the tenets of communism is the government control of production. If there is ever a perfect example of communist influence in an industry it is the taxicab business of Las Vegas.

    The history of the taxicab business is laced with government control; the invention of the automobile and the subsequent adaptation of the in-car two way radios brought on fears by governments that crime and military enemies would use car and phone as weapons of mass destruction.

    In the early years of the taxi industry the companies were treated as par-police and drivers were required to swear loyalty to God and Country. Of course today we all own cell phones and cars; the necessity for government influence in the business of selling rides is minimal. Unfortunately corrupt cites find a rich source of political fodder in the form of campaign contributions and even payola from the monopolies that were created in the segregationist era. Yes you will still see white owned taxi businesses monopolizing many of the city taxi companies; evidence of the never-ending story of racism and bigotry.

    The precept of Long Riding set down by the Taxicab Authority TA a government agency within the State of Nevada, Clark County, and specific for business regulation in the City of Las Vegas Nevada, may and in all probability be the result of logic convoluted by groups and individuals that lacked insight into free enterprise and the nature of free men.

    The psychology of entertainment, pleasure, self-gratification, and all that encompasses the thrill of speed found on roller coasters, sporting events, and even the ride in a fast car on the interstate highway is fundamentally a part and parcel of the Las Vegas vacation.

    Sure we can travel in many cities including Vegas across town and in some cases a straight line of incessant red lights, school zones, and bumper to bumper traffic at 5 mph. However I prefer to hop on the freeway and spend the extra gas to zoom to point B not just because it might involve time saving but also because I like a smooth fast ride.

    In this respect of thought the TA might prove to be an enemy of free enterprise and complacent to the reality of harming the quality of service provided to tourists, many with expectations of a fast paced place and already mind framed to spending more money. Psychology may mandate that if you simulate a roller coaster ride at 5 mph then you have slowed down the entire theme park and loss of return visitation probability manifests.

    This is an old problem of Socialist by Default the minions of government fixed income mentality often lacks any interest in business profits and in Vegas terminology “you get what you pay for” a slow ride thru town reminiscent of the “back home” experience and has therefore substituted quality with the thrift and coupons direction and again has offer the mental suggestion to the tourist to proceed with caution. Well Mr. TA some people prefer the long ride because they compare it to the fast ride. A bit of excitement is good for the digestion.

    What a thrill to have somebody else do the driving and speeding along at 65 mph and maybe more, the risk is the driver’s and not mine. Big city highways have their own allure and are testimony to the millions who use them. Perhaps we need to again suggest that “big government” get out of regulation of business. The road traveled by taxi and customer should be nothing more than a civil matter. One should assume some responsibility by asking the driver on optional routes and difference in cost. After all this isn’t much different from riding on a bus or airplane.
    If a traveler accepts the route offered by an airline company that self- determines the cost; and with a cost above a competitor the fault lay with the rider not the airlines.

    Taxi drivers use their own heuristic systems of math and calculate direction based on an ever changing scenario of circumstances. A government agent that has very little knowledge of business enterprise and has reduced all the factors to simple dollar math ignores the reality that not everybody is on a fixed government income. Where one man will spend the minimum for a meal another will do the opposite and that applies to even a cab ride.

    In fact the long ride may very well be what is best for the customers that are here for a good time. Sure the locals that are taking their laundry or groceries home will want the shortest route but it is axiomatically understood that this discussion isn’t about locals. In the end we must also recognize that most vehicle accidents happen in cross town traffic and are linked to the close proximity to home based activities. Driving on the interstate is an intense and concentrated experience and consequently fewer accidents.

    I am not currently driving a taxi in Las Vegas nor have I ever been cited for long riding a taxi customer in Vegas or anywhere. However it seems apparent to the simplest of logic that a fast ride on the freeway will charge the alternator up and cool down or warm up the interior of the car equally fast and allow somebody to feel a little more important because we didn’t make any apparent waste of time getting him to his hotel/casino. Yes there is a probability that we make the customer feel less important when we drive them thru heavy inner city traffic.

    Cite statistics that clearly demonstrate most accidents happen in town settings, near home, work, and shopping places.
    Point out that Big Government or Big Brother actively seeks opportunistic logic to grow government even bigger.
    Query customers visiting Vegas for gaming and ask- do they prefer a fast, spiffy ride on the freeway with no pot holes, dips in the road and fast stops to make red lights and less accidents or save a few dollars getting to a Casino where they are going to gamble the money away anyway.

    I wrote this several months ago and now I am a Vegas taxi driver, and I would like to add a new direction to the argument.

    First of all; I have learned that the TA or Taxi Authority is a pseudo -government agency, the officers are licensed in the state of Nevada to arrest and ticket taxi drivers but they are not paid by any government tax dollars. TA salaries are funded by the tickets and fines issued to errant taxi drivers.

    I don’t have to tell you how suspicious that looks. Why should any government agency get involved in the legal wrangling of two law abiding adult citizens? The taxi driver is offering an adult free man or woman a ride for a sum of money. We assume that the riders are intelligent and capable human beings. The civil courts were created for the problems of long riding, if there is a problem.

    Can the TA be sued in Federal Civil Court for claiming long riding when there are statistics proving that more accidents happen in heavy city traffic vs. the number of accidents on Interstate highways?

    Perhaps the Vegas cab drivers need to seek legal assistance in debating the nature of the TA’s apparent fraudulent claim of excessive long riding

    Many of the drivers I have queried tell me they offer the customer the option of a long and tedious drive thru heavy city traffic, and it is proven by statistics that inner city driving has more accidents; or a fast and slightly safer drive on well paved Federal roads; many passengers opt of the long ride even when they are told it will cost a few dollars more.

    A possible “Bottom line” is the fact that all rides are recorded on company trip sheets and if the TA wanted to, they could subpoena all records and claim driver long riding by demonstrating the amount of money drivers collect based on statistical averages for any regular ride. If they did that I suspect over 50% of all the taxi drivers would be terminated or lose their TA card. So why bother with the traffic safety distraction of a pull over on the side of a road, which is also dangerous and embarrasses drivers unnecessarily?

    The fact that taxi companies keep averages to weed out less productive drivers is the root cause of long riding. So why doesn’t the TA ban the averages system? Free speech is limited when one yells “Fire” in a theatre and averaging is a perfect example of that; is it easier to attack the weakest link? Drivers are under pressure to produce higher numbers or face punishment by the cab company employers and that is why they turn to long riding.

    Some people come from countries that don’t have a good Interstate Highway system; for them a ride on the highway will be part of the “Sight-seeing” that is inclusive to the vacation. Safety is a factor in using the highway and a smooth fast ride should cost a few dollars more; that’s why we built the interstate.

    If all the drivers used the highway then it would not be called long -riding; instead it would be the normal route and price; if that was the case then the concept of long-riding might very well be connected with driving the passenger thru town in heavy traffic and looking for the route that increases time and mileage. Creativity has no limits!

    Hello, I'm a new Vegas taxi driver, and I am looking for statistics on the number of traffic accidents in Las Vegas city traffic (in town traffic) and also the number of accidents on the Interstate system in and around Clark County.

    I'm sure you are aware of the Taxi Authorities campaign against "Long-riding"; which appears to be aimed at using the Interstate as a path of transporting passengers. I'm concerned that the TA's motive is financial and not safety; because I have read statistics elsewhere that heavy city traffic is more dangerous than the highways.

    The cost of using the highway albeit slightly higher is offset by other factors; the informed passenger knows city traffic with multiple intersections is more dangerous and takes longer in some cases. He/she may prefer the highway because psychologically it has fewer obstacles.

    I suspect, but as yet cannot validate that the Long-riding campaign is flawed; and I need your help in finding the traffic statistics. After and "If" you have said stats then I will need help in addressing other aspects of this story.
    Two days and no response on the inquiry: Freedom of Information Act requests can go that way by nervous unscrupulous government agencies.

    In the meantime I found time to consider another aspect of the long ride. It is usually the I-15 Interstate route and that is the part that offers a city scenic view of the Strip and Vegas in general. The Casinos have highly decorative advertising to entice the tourists. In all probability the drive on 15 is a part of the vacation etched in the minds of millions as a fond memory. The night time ride is my personal favorite.

    I really do worry about TA stopping drivers on the tunnel stretch and interrogating tourists. Some tourists have a fear of the police and are intimidated by the stop. If anything negative is remembered it isn’t the extra ten bucks the driver got, instead it’s the ugly incident created solely by the TA; and it may reflect in less return visits to Vegas.

    This TA campaign is so on line with the concept that Vegas is a victim of a heavy socialist/communist influence. It started in the 60’s when the Feds took on the mob; communist unions found it easy to find support from government agencies because the unions were willing to feign honesty in money matters.

    Free enterprise was stymied by union power that is at best admired by government paid workers that find unionization accommodating. The taxi industry in most states has evolved past the era of monopoly as a tool to aid government phobia to new industry. In the early years of invention, the automobile and two way radios was viewed by government as a Para-police opportunity and then cab drivers sometimes carried a badge and gun.

    Today we all have two way communication and crime flourishes well enough without the taxi because nowadays most people can own a car. That is why many states allow free enterprise and owner-operators drive their own cabs and no longer need the “Master- Servant” system that exists in Las Vegas.

    So why don't we monitor every industry. How about cloud spyware in airplanes to find which company is flying you the long way and charging you more money? The Taxi industry has become a modern version of the serfdom's; a caste system, and the drivers are being treated as the lower caste. Free enterprise and the right for the drivers to own a taxi business would fix all the problems in Vegas; but socialist/communist influences dictate the government controls every aspect of this business. Competition will bring down prices but obviously there isn't any real competition in Vegas.

    So where are we? The government came to Vegas to take on the mob and five decades later the government has replaced the mob with communism and corruption. Government control of business is provable a violation of the American way of life….to say the least.
    Ground transportation for people may go the way of the rickshaw drivers in India, and taxi drivers will resemble the untouchables of the lower caste system. Only by allowing the drivers the same opportunity of business ownership will end the modern slavery that is cloaked by clever and technical rebuttals, by men who profess to be ‘More informed” and dismiss free enterprise because they are sated themselves with a good source of income from the blood of hard working taxi drivers. Only when the untouchables can find a means to organize in protest will change ever occur. Unfortunately the bogus unions that claim to represent the drivers will not do that which will defeat their socialist dream. Thousands of union workers they will support but thousands of small business owners that are free men will be ignored. Once again the hypocrisy of the left says and does nothing for the people.

    The government came to Vegas in the 60’s and 70’s to “Take on” the Mob; afterwards,then government stayed here and replaced the mob.

    The publication constitutes little more than a rambling on my part. If it was done adequately the history of the taxi industry would be complete; the issues would include expert testimony and I would have proofed and edited the writing. Other than spell-check none of it was done.

    This writing is copyright free or copy-left but I won’t search for the proper symbol. Feel free to disseminate, add to it, and use it for whatever purposes you want. Just include my contributions.
    G. Lay

    I am not a good non-fiction writer and prefer writing science fiction. Read my books on E-books;

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    Re: Vegas Taxicabs

    It is stealing money from my pocket as far as I am concerned.

    Taxi drivers in Vegas KNOW they have tourists and they take extreme advantage. I took a cab downtown, and it turns out I could have rented a car for 2 days for that price. The cab driver got into rush hour traffic on the freeway and charged me $60. This was after I clearly asked him NOT to take the tunnel and he ignored me. (No, he didnt get a tip)

    Please dont come to us and cry that they are mean to cab drivers. The cabbies are horrid and literally take money right out of our pockets.

    It SHOULD be a crime. talk about Mobsters... yeah.. its the cabbies. They hold you hostage on a strange city and have their way with your wallet.