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Affiliate Agreement
By creating a Las Vegas Direct Affiliate Account, you are agreeing to the terms specified in this agreement.  Violation of any restrictions or terms included herein may result in cancellation of your account.
Acceptable Advertising Methods
As a Las Vegas Direct affiliate, you earn revenue by generating hotel bookings.  You generate these by encouraging web users to visit the Las Vegas Direct main homepage site, or one of its hotel information pages. You may advertise using:
  • Graphical Banners and Buttons on your site(s)
  • Text Links or endorsements on your site(s)
  • Descriptions and Links placed in "opt-in" mailing lists and newsletters
  • Reservation booking forms provided by us, or ones you create.

    Affiliate shall not engage in any of the Prohibited Practices: (1) framing the Company's Web Sites; (2) "mousetrapping" visitors to the Affiliate's Web Site or otherwise interfering with web users ability to close any browser window containing any of the Promotional Assets; (3) distorting or altering the Promotional Assets; (4) copying all or any portion of the Company's Web Sites; (5) registering, transferring, trafficking in, or offering for sale, any domain name that is similar to or contains any of the Company's Marks; (6) using the Promotional Assets (including the Company Marks) in a manner that implies or suggests that the Company or the Las Vegas Direct endorses or sponsor the Affiliates Web Site or any products or services of the Affiliate or any third party; (7) using the Promotional Assets (including the Company Marks) in any manner that tarnishes, blurs or dilutes the Company Marks or that is likely to do so; (8) displaying the Promotional Materials on any web pages that contain any infringing, illegal, immoral, or offensive content, which shall be determined by the Company in its sole discretion;  (9) engaging in any illegal, unethical or unfair or deceptive trade practices; (10) sending unsolicited commercial e-mail messages (excluding messages to recipients with whom you have an existing relationship or who consent to receipt of such messages); (11) concealing, misstating, or "spoofing" the originating or return e-mail address for any unsolicited commercial e-mail messages containing any of the Promotional Assets; (12) using any e-mail address containing any of the Company Marks; (13) engaging in any conduct that would be detrimental to the status of the Company, or its affiliated and related entities, as licensed gaming entities; and (14) any other practice that the Company designates or concludes is prohibited in its sole discretion.

    If you have any questions about whether a method of advertising is allowed, please ask us first.
Getting Paid
Affiliates are paid a commission, based on dollar amounts set by our hotel providers, for each booking they help generate subject to the terms of this agreement.  Accounts will be paid within 60 days after a guest checks-out and pays for their completed hotel stay. Refunded stays after a guest checks-out will not qualify as a valid stay.  If an affiliate account balance is less than $125 USD, the balance will be held until it is over $125.  In other words, you won't get your first payment until you have earned over $125 in booking commissions.

The commission payable to the Affiliate shall be based on the revenue
actually generated from the room rate (exclusive of taxes and room charges, such
as room service, mini-bar, valet, and goods and services charged to the room)
paid by the customer for a hotel stay arising from a Qualified Booking.

We deal with many hotel room providers, including the hotels themselves. Rates listed as negotiated prepaid rates pay you 6% commission. Unless stated otherwise, all commissions will be 6%.  If you book enough hotels (25+ per day) with us, we can at our discretion increase your commission up to 15%. Please contact us to inquire about higher tiered commissions once your booking volume is high enough.
U.S. affiliates will be contacted to also supply us with tax information once earnings exceed $600 USD per year.  
30-day Cookie Tracking
  We offer you the benefit of 30-day cookie tracking on any referral you send us. If a customer books a room after being sent to us from your site, or the customer later comes back to our site and books within 30-days, you will get full credit for the booking on any qualifying hotel booked.
Non-Qualified Booking
Cancelled stays do not qualify. Refunds after a stay is made do not qualify. Charge-backs due to credit card fraud are not paid. Unless otherwise negotiated, you will only get credit for hotel-only bookings. For example, vacations, air, limos, show tickets, tours, etc., do not qualify. Bookings must be made online. Bookings made by phone do not qualify.
Las Vegas Direct Responsibilities
Las Vegas Direct will be responsible for tracking your hotel bookings. We will provide you with access to an affiliate center listing all bookings made.  It is agreed that all disputes shall be settled by arbitration before a proper arbitrator located within the city and county of Los Angeles, state of California. The rules of California shall apply.
Affiliate Policy
All accounts may be terminated at will by either party with 72 hours written notice. Payment shall then be made to the affiliate under the normal terms of the agreement.This agreement is non-exclusive.

The Affiliate shall keep confidential the terms and conditions of this Agreement.

The relationship of the Affiliate to the Company shall be that of an independent contractor. Nothing in this Agreement shall be construed to create a partnership, joint venture, agency, franchise, sales representative, or employment relationship between the parties.